Put Something Indie On It: What's New From Who

TropPops-Frozen-popsiclesYou never know what your Williamsburg weekend walkaround might turn out to be. While it will inevitably include eating or quaffing something local and hip and different, we are hard-pressed to spend a weekend without walking away with something original, unique or one-of-a-kind. It's not the stuff of hipster fairs and forays. That's for cynics. It's the stuff of people making things - shooting, sewing, stitching, painting, soldering and more. Lo and behold, it's Be-Hold, an off-shoot of Dan Moyers' photo auction biz that brings an eclectic collection of antique and vintage photographs from 19th century daguerrotypes to contemporary snapshots of street scenes both subtle and sublime.

Juxtapose is designer Allie Andrews clothing line working exclusively with natural fabrics and giving them a little bit of form follow function - focusing on details like tailored fits, hidden pockets, functioning zippers and buttons. Life's all in the details, ya' know.

Want to make that remix of textures and types your own? So too does Mamazoo. With things like feather necklaces, metal chains and animal bracelets using plastic piñata animals, this is life on the wild side from Swiss/Brazilian designer Maria Ana Mouro. plastic beads in elastic string

Wanna put a stick on it? From the far reaches of the mighty borough of Manhattan comes TropPops, tropical fruit dipped in dark chocolate and put on a stick (above photo). Captain of the ship Ron Decavalcanti heads to the tropics for the fine fruits and flavors and now they're here, just steps away from the wonderful Williamsburg waterfront. Your own taste of an island getaway. Yum yum.