Summer in the City: What's New From Who

Tattly-temporary-tattoosThere's no better place to be marooned than the friendly streets of Brooklyn, USA. It's not just globe-trotting citizens who are hitting up the market here in Williamsburg 11211, but tons of cool new designers looking to meet their market. Tattly wants to leave its mark on you - albeit temporarily - and let you get inked for the Summer without regretting it all later on down the line (see photo). Far from your garden variety of temporary tattoos, Tattly has some of the cheekiness down for the crowds. Our favorite are the collab they've got with Field Notes. Call it the lighter side of accessorizing the hipsterati. Saturday & Sunday

A lovely companion to the sass of the tatt you seek? Seek no more. Many might have come across Pamela Barsky's wit and whim at our Chelsea Market pop-up shop this past Spring or seen her purses and pouches on the streets of Manhattan. Now they are here, alas. Saturday & Sunday

Who says being hip can't start while you're young? Certainly any fashion-follower has seen J. Crew get in the game with their fresh kids looks. And Extra Pickles Kids is bringing some of that savvy edge to the market with graphic Tees for junior to express his and her style and spunk. Saturday & Sunday

Alyxia Leaf brings its clever twist on memorializing nature by electro-forming (their words) those found objects in the natural world like leaves and things (ours) and turning them into resplendent objects of affection. Shiny new jewels for you to adore and call your own. Saturday & Sunday

Out of the woods and fresh from the beach comes the vintage seaglass that jewelry designer Lauren Rogoff and her family have collected for years walking the shoreline of Rockaway Beach. Appropriately-named Wandering Laur Designs debuts some of these vintage treasures nurtured by nature. If you can't get to Rockaway, bring Rockaway to you.

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