Fire, Metal, Leather and Comics: What's New From Who

Vintage-Thimble-Jewelry-AccessoriesYou don't have to be a Brooklyn-phile, an all-things-Williamsburg fan boy or have your Google Alerts set to track the recurrence of hipster in the press to have caught wind of the paean to Williamsburg and Wythe Avenue that the Times ran earlier this week to know that the winds of change have been afoot for some time. We see it every single weekend as more and more interesting artists and designers come to the market to meet their market and play show and sell. You know the cool thing, though? It's when designers we know and liked from the past reinvent themselves. Miok Yoo made an impression last year when she launched the Triple Truffle together with some FIT friends. That line evolved and Miok's own creative spirit changed and this weekend she debuts highline, her collection of vintage-inspired jewelry assembled using industrial hardware and metals.

Dallas & Dynasty is a fellow traveler on the NY design scene (featured most recently as part of the NY Fame Fashion Week) and brings her handmade collection of jewelry and accessories for men and women using brass, copper, silver, leather and precious stones. There's certainly something for everyone in that grab bag of handmade cool.

Folks might recognize Keisher "Fire" McLeod-Wells from her TV appearances in the ring but what few may know is that this boxing diva has a softer side (don't we all?) that comes through in her and twin sister's accessories line The Boxing Diva. The goods run the gamut and are often constructed using leather & fur and found objects from their bouts around town. A portion of the proceeds go back to where it all started for Keisher: Brooklyn's own Gleason's Gym. Saturday only

What is it about the Midwest that makes our hearts melt so? Could it be, as is the case with newcomer Joey's Thimble, that Milwaukee-based designer Alley Woelfel reaches back in time to take the treasures of Old Hollywood glamour inspired by her grandmother, i.e. Joey, and turns generations of heirlooms and costume jewelry into reworked objects of affection? We say yes but see for yourself.

Comic kids are a rare breed and we are thrilled to have one of the rising stars of 'em come to show this Saturday. mindy indy is best known for her serial line The Misfortune Cookie and a preview mini comic of Aer Head. You don't need to deal with the ComicCon madness when you got it right here. Saturday only

Long-time vintage vendor The Greedy Seagull is back, on break from putting down the finishing touches on her new vintage shop in LIC, for one weekend only. Get the goods and give some love. Giana has got the motts.