Art to Wear, Hang & Strut

Leonardo-Sarubbi-printsYou are not only what you wear. You are what you own and what you hang. And while not everyone gets to see the art you hang on your walls at home, you do and you do it daily. This weekend's crop of hip sellers will beg you to reconsider the form with their merch - fashion-forward, vintage or traditional. Who says you cannot put a gorgeous embroidered vintage Egyptian caftan on your wall? The Met does it all the time. Moondance is Daisy Jean's love affair with finding vintage inspiration pieces the world over. This Saturday she serves up a carefully curated collection for the Williamsburg set: vintage Egyptian caftans, button ups from the late 1980s, 1960s cocktail dresses, high-waisted denim and classic vinyl. Hunters take heed!

Leonardo Sarubbi's family workshop has been creating handmade lithographs on cotton paper since the 1960s where they take rare maps and botanical images and give them some new life with watercolors and ink. It's a master craft and Leonardo (above photo) is a maestro storyteller. Sunday only

No-Way Art is Steve Rivera's project that brings pop-art to the people - democracy, yo! (Saturday only). And Radikal Nation is artist and graphic designer Hector Garcia's line of screen-printed t-shirts and prints influenced by music, the street and the world of art around.

SEAMPOETS and Foxglove Factory are 2 Philly-based outfits coming up for the weekend to give Williamsburg Bk a little taste of their brotherly love and style with artisan apparel and wicked cool block-prints to give your late Summer some style and panache.