Make New Friends & Keep the Old

bugcicle-devin-kain-upcycledThey say good things come to those who wait. And luck comes in pairs. And probably a myriad of other cliches so true and so true. This weekend was proof of them all. Devin Kain was a not-to-be-missed builder and part of the A&F community several years back before he moved out West for what he thought would be a short-lived project and turned into a multi-year journey. He was best known for upcycling old, barely worn hardcover books from the 1950s and 1960s and turning them into clocks so that they'd still have a place and home on your bookshelf. He popped in on Sunday to take in the sights and sounds of the market he called home for a year and change in 2010 and he shared what he's been up to. His business, Bugcicle, has gone beyond books to touch on things hi-fi and audible (see photo). We might even call it - forgive the copy, Buzz - SciFiHiFi. The stuff is good and Dev will be back.

Olivier Brisoux had some of the most wicked vintage Euro sportswear and an accompanying collection of classic R&B soul and funk and pop on vinyl back when he used to hold it down French flea-style on North 6th Street. So it was no surprise that he still had some of that superfly going strong when he came for a spin of the scene this weekend. He's now producing tracks full time and doing the DJ thing as DJ Ol'Stark. He'll be back for some guest appearances and some walks down memory lane.