Skinnyfatties-vintage-neckties-brooklynWhen Joshua Adam Brueckner debuted SKINNYFATTIES, turning vintage wide ties into classy skinny ties for today's hip dude, he had modest expectations. Fast forward 2 weeks and SKINNYFATTIES is keeping Joshua crazy busy cutting, pinning, sewing and making more ties to keep up with some online orders gone global (Greece, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore) in part due to the exposure he got his first weekend out. His set-up is modest, his aesthetic is clean and his story is super compelling. Not only does every vintage tie have a story but these ties have unleashed a storm of interest from people who love the idea of having their old fat ties tailored, of folks keen on recycling fashion and paying it forward and even the notion of locally made ethical goods.

While SKINNYFATTIES is still very much in its infancy, Joshua revamped his display (showcasing ties before and after) and is stepping up his game every week. Make sure to follow Joshua and his exploits and file away under "one to watch" as you design your Fall wardrobe or look for cool and creative holiday gift ideas this year.

(photo credit: Adrian Morales from Snappylifestyle)