Part Art, Part Flea, 100% Original Brooklyn

Artists-and-Fleas-Sign-Williamsburg-BrooklynArtist Jenny Berry showed up earlier this August and on her back came some excitement and some fresh perspective. Like most artist souls, Jenny is wide-eyed, open and candid. She instantly fell in love with the market and connected with several of the characters and motley crew (awesome visual portfolio of Shanna Nash and Ricky Becker) who make Artists & Fleas their home. This weekend she took the time to document and share her newfound love and we're excerpting it below. Part guest blogger, part newbie perspective, total breath of fresh air. Whatever you call it, we're digging it. And it's awesome eye candy (via Jenny's sharp eye and talent with Hipstamatic). Click after the jump for the full piece.

If you’re a New Yorker you’ve certainly heard of the bustling weekend vintage & artist’s market; Artists & Fleas in the epicenter of hipsterdom, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you’re planning a visit and have a soft spot for all things unique, rare, hand-crafted and just plain jaw droppingly cool… I strongly suggest you add it to the adgenda. I seriously love this market!

There’s nothing like it anywhere, trust me on this one. Over the years Mark and I have sold our art in every way imaginable...This one is truly unique and one of my all time favorites...continued