Brooklyn, Your Vintage, Design & Fashion Fix is Here

upcycled-skateboard-clutch-sadie-howeYou want it? We got it. No such thing as the late Summer snooze in these parts these days. We are your new urban outfitter with the merch to match your yen for style and something special. Here's what's new this weekend: Ah, for the love of vintage. Southside 'Burg boys and girls will instantly recognize the cool and classic kitsch of Velma Vintage. Partner in vintage living Lydia Rockett sets up on this side of town to be neighborly to the Northsiders. Good stuff awaits you! Saturday & Sunday

Jenny Berry Art is not your mama or your papa's Santa Fe artist. She does outsider art with urban overtones - it's the perfect remix for the new Williamsburg art collector crowd: an outsider's perspective on the things that make us go tick tick and then some. Saturday & Sunday

Eff.Y.Bee aka follow your bliss is a new jewelry line by designer Alyssa Kuchta that can make you look good and feel good, taking natural stones, vintage beads and pendants as well as a line of fabric jewelry called Bay Lavi that provides employment for spinal cord injury patients at the St. Boniface Hospital in Haiti. Saturday only

Sometimes the future's so bright you gotta wear shades. Thank goodness for Lumete Eyewear, a heady and stylish sunglass outfit from Clara Herrera. Heady because designer Herrera shows her savvy not just for style but for marketing and the start-up biz: Lumete is derived from the words amulet and lumen so you're not just getting yourself a look, you're getting something to be revered. Saturday & Sunday

Skateboard clutches? Come again. Yes. Cool kid toys upcycled for fashion-toting fiends. See them (photo above) from Hysteric Store's Sadie Howe this Sunday.

Among many things, we're huge fans of all things Romany and gypsy-looking and ethnic-feeling. They tap into that wanderlust and evoke places near and far. Constance Colin is living it and Sioux Bijoux is it incarnate. At the end of her US stint, Colin dropped by the market and promptly decided that before headed back to Paris, she wanted to bring her line to the show. Voila! Sunday only

Zen Monkey Studios is the debut of Josh Mirman's design obsession actualized. Like the name itself, there's a playful balance of the fun and the serious with designs created for the cool and the sublime. Saturday only