A Love Letter to Brooklyn: What's New From Who

Some nice people and amazing vintage to emerge this weekend. Think prints and patterns and fine folks from the Far East and the Midwest (assuming your definition of it includes Colorado which 'tis true). It's the perfect way to usher in all we like about Fall. Mildred & Bernice is that gorgeous lovechild spawned of urban inspiration and mountain air. Designer Ashley Kratke bolted from the 'Burg years ago and started making jewelry from open-grained woods. Whether it's men's and women's necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cuff links or tie clips (see photos), there's something about M&B for everyone. Saturday & Sunday

You like your accessorizing fierce and fabulous? Somehow the Japanese kids just get it. Motoide Rico throws down the gauntlet on remixed styles with a nod to traditional Japanese Kimono design (rules and patterns) and infusing some pop culture into the mix. The results are embroidered costume jewels that will blow your mind. Saturday & Sunday

The Flying Store marks the debut of Hanna Ji's life-long love affair with vintage and all things Brooklyn. You don't get a fresher Brooklynian than Hanna and her crew who set up shop in Greenpoint earlier this month and in the spirit of #onwards are ready to roll and bring their cute collection to the masses at A&F.

This weekend also marks the return of some fantastic fan faves in vintage: Sylvia Karza & Vagabondia Vintage, Kate Russell of Sweet Disorder Vintage and the viciously fabulous collection of Filippo Gurrieri. See what some trips away have wrought and get your Autumn in gear right here.

Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market is in full bloom this weekend with over 25 vintage and designer collections inside Chelsea Market on the corner of 10th Avenue & West 15th. Open daily from 10:30-7 for you to shop like you wanna.