Brooklyn Boys are Back: What's New From Who

mnmur-bike-messenger-bagsWaking from the whirlwind of fashion, flesh (did you see the outfits in MePa last night?) and fabulousness, we are stoked for some amazingness coming to Williamsburg this weekend. It's funny, it's almost entirely cool stuff for guys. So if ever there was a weekend you wanted to tell your man squeeze that he could accompany you after brunch buzz for some shopping, this is the one. mnmur creates unique bags and wallets out of old inner bike tubes (photo at left). But there's oh so much more to go from there when these super fly guys from Italy get their hands on your old Bianchi tire tubes and turn them into the must-have messenger bag of the moment. And they last forever. Who doesn't want something this cool to last forever. Sunday only

Devin Kain is a builder, a book lover and an inventor. At least that's what we'd call him in addition to an old friend. Add to that list a resident of the market beginning this weekend. Come see the crazy cool stuff he's been making for his company, Bugcicle, out of repurposed, recycled and up cycled items and materials. It's like tres Brooklyn before that became what it is today. Serious.

Folks may recall Omar and Nouri and their homage to the leather-makers that abound throughout the markets of Marrakesh from last Fall and holiday seasons. They've brought back a bounty of hand-tooled leather bags, briefcases and the total accessory du jour: the leather-bound iPad case.

Aestheddict makes wicked graphic t-shirts inspired by their muse: NYC. The term wearable art is almost a term of art in and of itself. But partners and designers Tommy, Evan and Zack mean it. See it Sunday.