Makin' It: On the Road

Erin-Curet-Little-CirclesThis past weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting Erin Curet of Little Circles, and her entire family alongside. Erin creates with quilled paper, an art form reminiscent of those 1970s crafts our grandmothers enjoyed, but her pieces are modernized and very colorful. Using strips of pulling paper, homemade wooden dowels, and a very intricate process similar to mosaic, she creates images out of hundreds of paper swirls. The end results are whimsical, 3-dimensional framed wall pieces and wearable art. Her artwork features images of nature, animals, and women, and her earrings feature every color combination imaginable and are like tiny works of macramé to dangle from your ears. It’s pretty impressive that she doesn’t follow any patterns. Instead, she dreams them up all on her own - literally.

In addition to making her art, Erin runs an amazing website called ipublicate where she and other artists share PDF tutorials of their process and designs in an attempt to connect individuals and their knowledge. Amazing resource!

Brooklyn was one of the Curet family’s first stops on what might be an endless journey around the country that started only weeks ago. Erin and her husband recently quit their full-time jobs, started homeschooling their kids, sold their house, and hit the road and will be selling her paper art along the way. That's what making it is all about!