Makin' It: One Vintage Find at a Time

Melissa-Draugsvold-Vintage-Jewelry-BrooklynThere’s a real hidden gem at the market each weekend - pun intended. Her name is Melissa Draugsvold and she's the longtime creative force behind Draugsvold Jewelry, a design line made entirely out of vintage findings and semi-precious stones. Melissa's designs are - like the maker herself - quirky and fun. Each piece makes a statement even if they're not intended to be "statement pieces." Her start, however, is the kind of Chapter 1 to what could become a fairytale if things continue in the direction they've been heading recently.

8 years ago Melissa took all of her money, bought some beads and stayed up the entire night making jewelry. She spent the next day selling it at the only place that would welcome creative free-spirits in those days (in Manhattan at least), TheMarketNYC. Disclaimer: Melissa wasn't buying the idea that folks were shopping in Williamsburg back in 2005. 

She killed it.

Since first appearing this past Summer in Williamsburg, Melissa has been turning heads and getting noticed. Her work comes to Grand Central this Holiday season and be on the look-out in some fabulous fashion magazines for pieces that are unmistakably and undeniably hers. Onward.

Visit Melissa every Saturday & Sunday at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg on North 7th Street from 10AM-7PM.