Falling for Brooklyn: What's New From Who

No5-handwork-tote-bag-japan-to-brooklynWilliamsburg is in all its glory this weekend. While the Autumn leaves have yet to change, ain't no thing because the winds of change have come on strong. Look no further than to a handful of designers and creators who make the market their home base as they took pains this week to revamp and overhaul their spaces - among them, a gritty combat zone home to Astali and a mind-blowing new milieu for Caitlin Brubacher's Elephant in the Attic slash Burnt & Mended. Good things come in small packages. Among the many ideas of design for living, No5 Handwork shows off their Japanese style to the home crowd. Handmade and original bags, pouches and cases that would give the Portlandia crew of writers a serious run for their money. Saturday only

Kapoeta by Ambica is designer Ambica Shah's remixed line of feather and leather, salvaging malted feathers collected from bird sanctuaries and abandoned gardens throughout India and turning them into the super au courant fashion accessory. Saturday & Sunday

Love Bleeds. So true, so true. But it doesn't necessarily need to hurt. Artist Tiffany Rodriguez proves the point with a collection of cult-like cool jewels using vintage materials, beads and charms. One-of-a-kind kind of things for lovers of all things original and indie. Saturday only

The name says it all when the folks from Style Addicts roll in this Saturday. Handmade leather bags born of an aesthetic modern, clean, and for the, ahem, style addicted. Saturday only

From time to time, an artist whose medium is floral design comes to town and it sets the market on fire. There's something about fresh-cut flowers and floral arrangements that - when done right - can be intoxicating for all. Susan Margolis' Rosewood Productions bring that promise. But they won't just have you smelling roses. Saturday & Sunday

Special photographer on Bedford Ave Bryan Close (of the Light Dynamic) returns this Saturday ... make sure to check out some of the larger prints he's been shooting on his late night flaneurs in some of New York City's darkest corners and how he makes the light rain down.