Makin' It: Homemade in Brooklyn

KM-Mason-Jar-candlesKelly Marks didn’t realize that when she first made candles for her sister’s bridal shower over a year ago and brought some of the extras to sell one market weekend that it would turn into a full time gig. For years, after leaving her career as a flight attendant ("Good morning, welcome aboard..."), Kelly had broken out as a jewelry designer and held her own at Artists & Fleas old space on North 6th Street (her space is literally where that behemoth of an espresso machine lives at Toby's Estate, the fly guys from Down Under). When she made the candles for the first time that Spring, she decided to sell them along with the jewelry. The love was unanimous. Distressed metal topped-mason jar candles that are vegan, made in Brooklyn and have the right scents and sensibilities for discerning Williamsburgers? You know it. White tea and Wisconsin pine are among the lovelies to be found alongside soaps and lip balms.

The times they are a changing and Kelly's been keeping her creative juices going in lock-step with a changing neighborhood. As the gift-giving season approaches and daylight flees our days a little earlier, KM Candles is your homemade hook-up.

Visit Kelly and KM Candles every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or check out her Etsy shop.