Makin' It: One Revolution at a Time

Artists & Revolutionaries John Michael SchlotterIf Ayn Rand was a clothing designer, she might be a stand-in for designer John Michael Schlotter of Artists & Revolutionaries. John Michael got his first sewing machine when he was 10.  He would shop the local thrift stores for clothing that he’d upcycle, spending hours cutting and creating new pieces out of the discarded fabric, long before it was even popular. His talents in fashion design led him to launch his clothing line Artists & Revolutionaries 2 years ago and there's been no turning back since. His style is post-apocalyptic and architectural, with a Japanese-inspired look. The line consists of all natural fibers like cashmere, wool, leather, and linen, which he washes before construction to remove all toxins and allows the wearer to wash the garment as well. The chunky fabrics and bold textures are pieced together to create free-flowing, funky garments that fit all body types.

This past Spring Artists & Revolutionaries was picked up by 20 stores worldwide, including 2 in Japan, during a large trade show in New York City. John Michael was also recently commissioned by musician Esperanza Spalding to create custom dresses for her 2012 tour, as well as a dress for a Grammy event she attended. He's been the toast of mega-indie hip shopping site with some monstrous sales for them. And things keep looking up for the man.

Come check out his newest fall coats at A&F in Williamsburg every weekend and check out the profile and this behind the scenes look from this past Spring.