Makin' It: With Clay and Crystals and AVP

AVP-Designs-Afshaan-RahmanAfshaan Rahman of AVP Designs has been making jewelry for years, but didn’t start selling her creations until just last year. She’s always been artistic, with a background in print making, drawing, and sculpture, which definitely comes out in her jewelry, but the jewelry was just a hobby for a long time. Her inspiration comes from the world around her but especially the juxtaposition between the natural and the industrial --- she loves the woods, but also power lines and construction sites!

Her unique jewelry designs are mostly thought up at night, when she spends a lot of time creating and making up new things. [AVP (which stands for Alis Volat Propriis) is a Latin phrase translated as “she flys with her own wings.”] It’s a very creative and inspirational time of the day for her, as she unwinds from her day job as an after school art teacher, where she teaches botanical drawing, textile design, and basket weaving. Unexpected shapes and lines, made with dangling chains and oddly shaped beads, is most apparent in her necklace designs. Clay and crystals are her most used materials, sometimes even setting cracked crystals in the clay creating a real interesting look.

Find Afshaan grounded every weekend at the market in Williamsburg or check out her Etsy shop for more designs and details.