Play Dress Up, A Weekend Hook Up

Everett-Clothing-Brooklyn-bowtiesVisitors to Williamsburg this weekend are in for a treat or a clever mind trick as they see the market and neighborhood at large play dress up in calculated anticipation of Halloween. Hell, why not celebrate 5 days early. After all, is this Halloween or Williamsburg as the clever and cheeky website does suggest? Don't matter either way 'cause we've got a lot at play. The dapper dudes behind Everett Clothing may very well have timed their market debut with the impeccable precision that seems to define this righteous outfit from 3 well-groomed guys with panache and poise as they show off their bow ties, ties and pocket squares (photo above). File this under "not your father's tie guy" please. Saturday & Sunday

See New York through a fresh pair of eyes this weekend. Photographer Leo Bruce Hempell has seen the City from many vantage points and he's bringing some of the iconic and ready-for-iconic shots to the market for all who call NYC home. Saturday & Sunday

The way designer Jamie Rice describes her line Tuck Brand is straight and simple: loungewear that is casual and comfy, youthful and sexy. That's a tall order and Tuck debuts in these parts of Brooklyn to show that it's not all about sugar and spice. Saturday & Sunday

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't usher in a proper vendor costume contest. If ever there was a weekend to come check out, hang out and shop and be wow'd, this is the one. Will Snash Jewelry's Shanna Nash repeat with a follow up to her StrongMan costume of 2011 or will The Spooky Boutique's Ricky Becker (a 3-time reigning champion) regain the throne? Come see for yourself this Saturday!