A&F, Martha Stewart, Williamsburg & the Times

Artists-and-Fleas-NY-Times-GollyWho didn't wake up Sunday and hear the buzz that we were gracing the front page of the Sunday New York Times? It wasn't just the fact that Artists & Fleas was mentioned in the same breath as Martha Stewart, appliqué-making East Village artists, tattoos and colonial Williamsburg that was such a coup. The fact that this story captured some of the zeitgeist that is our community - the community of creative, independent makers, painters, artists, sewers and doers who are doing their thing on their own term - and was told through the uniquely entertaining snapshot of Tony & Keith, the dudes behind GoLLy NYC, made it all the more rewarding. Almost 10 years since we started, folks keep on remarking about the vibe and community at the market to which we always respond, it's about you, not about us. And this piece gave a little glimpse into that universe --- and some great Sunday AM reading.