Are you an Artist or a Flea?

animal-hides-art-at-Chelsea-MarketDesigner Jason Laurits of Paste got us going on this identity question last Spring when he was showcasing his incisive and insightful t-shirt line and prints at our Spring pop-up at Chelsea Market and Election Day got us thinking some more about identity and identity politics. A lot has changed in the marketplace (forgive the pun) and retail landscape of New York over the past 10 years. The idea that a picker, a maker or an urban salvager can earn a better living - both in terms of quality of life and take-home earnings - than a dot-commer at an up-and-coming company was once unthinkable. Now, it's virtually synonymous with the culture that defines this new Brooklyn.

Is Artists & Fleas an alternative flea market? A boho boutique? A pop-up shop? A Brooklyn bazaar of the post-Greenwich Village days? All and none. It depends on who is selling and who is shopping.

As Jason said in his level-headed assessment when he said: A&F is a tongue-in-cheek artist's take on an urban flea market.

Sure. Something like that. And then, it depends on the day.