Makin' It: Metal, Rope and Spiked

Andrea-Bocchio-braceletsAndrea Bocchio began her career as a print designer in the fashion industry. In her free time she would make textile-based jewelry, drawing inspiration from the women knitters in her family and the materials she buys from her native country, Peru.

Her jewelry has become so popular that she’s been able to quit her day job and is now dedicating all her energy to her growing, one-woman business. The collection is already sold in stores around the world and she’s currently working on launching the next line at trade shows around the US in early 2013.

If you like colors and chunky knits, you’ll love Andrea’s jewelry. It’s perfect for making a statement. You’ll find brightly colored textures, thick metal chains, and unexpected details, mixed with traditional knitting and crocheting techniques.
In order to keep up with the demand, Andrea needs to hire some help and she wants to keep it super local to ensure the best handmade quality. Check out her fundraiser here (, and see her later this holiday season on December 22/23.