Your Hipster Holiday Hook-Up

BonBonTrust-Suzanne-Goldenburg-designMore goods and more greatness comes out this weekend ready to make it into your grab-bag of holiday fun. The market is clearly an antidote to that feeling you get when you sit soul-lessly browsing the web in search of a unique gift. Get that one-of-a-kind feeling and meet the maker behind the merch. Bon Bon Trust tore it up last Saturday and lit the market on fire with designer and artist Suzanne Goldenburg's indescribable design line (see photo) that borders on the conceptual but is most definitely wearable, lovable and certain to be the envy of your friends seeking the perfect complement to their wardrobe this season. She's back this Saturday with more mind-blowing pieces to be had.

6362MetaForce isn't the access code to some after-hours hip Brooklyn rave though a look at the wares that Williamsburg-denizen Vish Kalra has on display could transport you to another reality altogether if you will it. Vish and his crew take their cues from stints in Goa to create boho-chic leather bags, belts, clutches and more --- the kinds of things to stash your stuff or strut around town, however you like to wear it. Saturday & Sunday

Lydia Gobena's design line Birabiro is not just cool jewels for the globe-trotting soul. It's a combination of that design elegance and design simplicity that this Ethiopian-born jeweler brings to her work in silver and other precious metals. Sunday only

Effervest Scents isn't just word play, it's Latisha Graham's straight-up love affair with the way scents can transport you to another place and her line of gel candles will tickle your nose and tease your mind and take you away to a place other than your 4-walled box of a rental. Thank goodness for that! Saturday & Sunday

YB Vintage (aka YB Standard) brings a little bit of a bad-ass touch to a vintage obsession, debuting a collection of men's and women's vintage clothing that goes back to the 1890s through the end of the last century to which we say: bring it! Saturday only

A few new and noteworthy additions and returnees to the market this fine December weekend include the folks from Brooklyn DIY Supply (the name says it all and they've got DIY down hardcore for your creative maker fans), old fan fave friend Brass Isaac (always a holiday treat for us - see why!), and cool kid Leila Khoury from LVK who folks may remember as part of the crew behind rock-star jewelry maker Electric Picks.