Makin' It: Cloud Coffee on the Williamsburg Scene

Kendall-Holmes-Cloud-Coffee-Williamsburg-BrooklynFew folks on Brooklyn's artisan craft food scene can claim the bona fides that Cloud Coffee's Kendall Holmes can. Kendall is an alumnus of the early generation to have worked at The Brooklyn Kitchen and has overseen special ops for McClure's Pickles but his fondness for culinary invention (his Instagram attests to it!) and service are what first led him last Spring to help Prospect Heights-based Sit & Wonder's first foray onto the market scene setting up outside Artists & Fleas with their salvaged New York City mid-century street vending cart, appropriately named Stand & Deliver. Earlier this year, Kendall took the reigns of the cart and set out on a path of glory to take his passion-fueled interest for experimental coffee-based products and launched Cloud Coffee. He reached out to Brooklyn-based Café Grumpy to offer a curated selection of their beans and has been steadily turning out new products that he debuts regularly at the market with plans to get them into broader distribution in the months to come including a possible fab collab with the Grumpy folks to take his mind-altering cold-brew favorite, the Storm Cloud coffee soda (concentrate + soda water), beyond the friendly confines of the borough.

Coffee lovers and market shoppers can find Kendall in his sharp attire beneath the red & white umbrella of his cart every weekend day at Artists & Fleas on North 7th. Make sure to check his holiday gift options new this season, including a Cloud Coffee Productivity Kit featuring his coffee bomb candies, a 12 oz. bag of coffee, tasting journal, and cold brew concentrate - all locally-made, of course.