Makin' It: One Eyeball at a Time

KT-Ferris-Vintage-Doll-jewelryWe first met Kt Ferris in late October just around the time that Halloween was approaching and were stunned by the spectacle of her jewelry: she makes pendants out of the blinking eyes from old dolls found at flea markets. Drawing inspiration from an obsession with how eyes can convey messages, KT started making the pendants after scouring a market for a new material to work with. Before that, she was making jewelry out of melted Barbie faces. We sense a theme here... For KT's current work, she seeks out the rare and the, um, eye-catching. Each eyeball is a different size and she has to create the setting by hand. And she doesn’t just make two eyeball pendants – there are 3, 4, 5, and 6 eyes as well. Her jewelry line also includes big pyramid rings and honeycomb bracelets that are hand carved and cast in her studio at Studio Jewelers in Manhattan.

Recently, photographer boyfriend Zack Dimen teamed up with his black and white photos of freak shows at Coney Island. They're both back Saturday, December 22nd for a final holiday Secret Santa hook-up. See for yourself!