Makin' It: One Stitch at a Time

another-work-in-progress-handmade-stitched-leather-journalsWe last profiled Another Work in Progress and Dara Hymowitz back in 2009 (whoa!) and she shared the story of the whim, method and inspiration behind her line of  notebooks, notepads, clocks and boxes made from vintage upcycled board games and board game pieces like Monopoly, Sorry and other cult-classic games from the 1950s to 1980s. The line continues to be a mainstay at the market --- and it's hard to miss them when you first walk in and walk down the center aisle where AWIP holds court --- but Dara has spent the better part of the past year expanding into leather journals and book binding. Call them journals for grown up kids, these journals come in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Some are spiral bound using vintage game pieces; some are made from leather and are bound using a long stitch; and still others are made with artistic paper and applique images and are bound using a coptic stitch. Her newest journals have metal and leather covers, and metal objects adorning the front – they’re like little works of art.

Upcycled art fans and nostalgia freaks can have a field day here with AWIP's board game spinner clocks and keepsake boxes made from the game itself.

And true to the artist's way, Dara is constantly innovating and cranking out new pieces each and every week so there's always something new to discover, uncover and make your own.