Cool Stuff for Your Crash Pad

Fiber-and-Water-one-kings-lane-lifestyle-photoJanuary gives folks an excuse to turn their gaze inwards. It's about resolutions, improvements and all that stuff that we struggle with maintaining throughout the year. But it's also about making your home nice. So whether you live in a poorly insulated, renovated church turned into a Bushwick loft that you share with 6 room mates, a snazzy new condo in a Williamsburg mega tower or a nice, little room in a walk-up building like most of us, we've got some cool accents to make your home feel a bit more, well, homey.

Fiber & Water is a Portland, Maine-based designer of all natural burlap wall prints. Artist Miles Perry hand presses stencils with water-based inks directly onto burlap with images that are iconic, inspiring and downright cute (see photo). These are so tres Brooklyn...

Sarah Cooley, the mastermind behind vintage upcycling home decor line Simply Curated, returns to kick some serious ass and whip a whole lot of folks into shape as she debuts her newest collection of hand-poured wax candles in vintage and Art Deco tumblers and glassware. But that's not all, folks. She has teamed up with A&F stalwart Caitlin Brubacher to curate a lovely mini-shop dedicated to their joint connoisseurship of things upcycled, salvaged, re-purposed and timeless. Welcome back home!