Makin' It: Mixed Media, Brooklyn-Style

copper-pipe-lampsWhen lighting designer and builder Sebastian Gonzalez, an electrician by trade and an upcycling artist at heart, dropped in earlier in January to share designs from his collection, Lihtan, we were floored. Sebastian started making lamps because he needed some for his apartment and didn’t want to buy them at a store. He paired his skills with his creativity and soon enough cold water copper pipes were soldered together into organic shapes that threw light and people were impressed. Lihtan lamps make use of basic store-bought materials and occasional salvaged parts from job sites, often mixing items that may not necessarily be made to work together. One of the more jaw-dropping pieces in Lihtan's portfolio is a tall table lamp that uses a water faucet handle as a light dimmer. Sebastian has been at it for 3 years and is working the Williamsburg restaurant and bar scene where some of his current designs are on display. He custom builds and his designs know no bounds so tap him for a new design to adorn your home or favorite neighborhood haunt.