Making It: From Italy to Williamsburg

Leonardo-Sarubbi-printsTogether with his brother, Leonardo Sarubbi took over their father’s lithograph business in Florence in the 1980’s. Their father started the business in the 60’s after working for an artisan who sold postcards in the city. He was in school to become a lawyer but fell in love with print making and opened his own workshop instead. The Sarubbi Brothers currently create lithograph prints in their Florence workshop which are sold to shops in Italy, interior designers, and directly to customers around the world. Their library consists of over 3,000 antique images including vintage maps, classical botany subjects and gorgeous creatures like butterflies (!). They print onto cotton paper from large aluminum plates, and then hand-paint the intricate designs.

Leonardo has been showing his work at A&F for some months now and it’s the only location the prints are sold directly to customers. When you talk with him about his family's business, his passion for hand-made, artisan goods comes through loud and clear and he continues to be committed to his father’s mission of bringing antique images back to life. Check out this stellar video about him and make sure to check him out on January 30th when he returns fresh from his studio with a bounty of goods for 2013!