Makin' It: Re-Cycling Maps

brooklyn-bike-mapsKevin Marcell migrated north to New York from Venezuela when he was just 20 years old. When he arrived, he found himself spending a lot of nights riding the subway back and forth as a means of shelter and became fascinated with the people he encountered. Always an artist, he needed a way to make art during this time so he started drawing the scenes of the train on subway maps. He hadn’t considered selling the art until a passerby offered to buy all the works he had on him, and so his current business was born. Along with a small group of guys in Brooklyn, Kevin creates art on outdated NYC cycling maps. Using his original photographs, he screen prints and paints the maps with vibrant scenes of the city. The guys have been selling on the street for years, but it was only a few weeks ago that they decided to try an indoor market.

In addition to selling art directly, Kevin’s art has been sold in art galleries and was even featured in an Art Basel exhibition. Bikes are cool. Maps are cool. And recycling cycling maps are way cool. Check 'em out each weekend in January in Williamsburg.