Williamsburg Flashback with Helene Pe

Helene-Pe-jewelry-and-artFrom time to time, we look back and revisit some of the core artists and designers that make up what we call "the family" here at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg. This week, we chatted with Helene Pe, a French transplant with a decidedly tres Brooklyn flair.

When did you first sell at Artists & Fleas? About two years and a half ago.

What's your fondest memory from that day? I was very excited to sell my work for the first time in New York and I had really positive reactions, comments and laughs!


What don't you miss from that first day? I was so scared, I couldn't talk to anyone.

What's your most memorable customer interaction? Sacha Baron Cohen ("Borat") bought a necklace for his wife at my booth, this happened in few seconds, but I remember picturing him with a red wrestling suit while he was going away with his family and laught to myself.

What's your secret weekend snack? Fresh fruits!

What's your proudest moment? Every time I sell an original painting. I'm always so happy and proud when someone brings a little piece of me into their home!

Enter the imaginarium of Helene Pe each and every weekend in Williamsburg at Artists & Fleas on North 7th Street where Helene holds it down with her mighty cat paintings, exquisite hand-made jewels and her wit and charm.