Williamsburg Market: Vendor Confirmation Info

  You are confirmed for selling at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn located at 70 North 7th Street between Kent & Wythe Avenues. We're excited that you'll be joining us! Please carefully read and review the set-up information below.** If you have any additional questions, please email anna@artistsandfleas.com.


The market is open to the public from 10AM-7PM every Saturday and Sunday. Set-up begins at 9AM. Vendors are required to be ready to sell to the public by 10AM. Tear-down begins at 7PM. No vendor is allowed to breakdown prior to 7PM without prior consent from management. If you arrive later than 10AM, we reserve the right to give up your space and you may NOT be allowed to set up. You will be required to pay for your space. In an effort to maintain a positive selling environment amongst all participating vendors and merchants, we ask that you arrive promptly to set up. For those vendors participating on Saturday who wish to leave their merchandise overnight to sell the next day (Sunday), you may arrive at the market at any time before 10AM on Sunday and MUST BE set up and ready to sell by that time. Late vendors or vendors who fail to be present and have their spaces ready for business by the time of opening will be assessed a $25 late fee that is payable within the same selling day. The Market Manager may refuse you the right to sell if you show up after the market opens.

Vendors concluding their selling at the market on Sunday must pack up Sunday evening. There is no storage of your merchandise until the following Thursday. Any items leftover at the market will be discarded on Sunday evening.


Each spot measures 6'x6' and your setup must be contained completely within those parameters. When planning your layout, please leave room for exit and entry into your space! If your space is against a wall, you may hang your merchandise on the wall - we have installed 2x4s throughout the market to make it easier to nail into the wall. Please bring a hammer and nails if you require them. Other spaces are free-standing middle spaces along the aisle with exposure on 2 sides. Please give some thought on how to maximize your merchandise. Consider where you will sit (in your space) as well. Spaces are pre-assigned and requests for specific locations cannot be guaranteed. We encourage all vendors to visit the market before they intend to sell so that they can give some thought on how to create the best display and maximize their selling space.

There are electrical outlets throughout the space (against the wall and hanging from the ceiling) for your use. Please bring your own extension cords! There are fitting rooms. There are bathrooms, an on-site ATM, heating/AC and WiFi.


The market is open on Thursdays from 12-5pm for load-in, set-up, merchandise swap, etc. for those people selling on Saturdays. Shoot us a note if you plan on coming so we know whether to expect you.


Storage is reserved for vendors returning for consecutive selling days (Saturday to Sunday or Sunday to the following Saturday). PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT ARTISTS & FLEAS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEFT OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND TO A VENDOR’S BELONGINGS OR MERCHANDISE OR THOSE ITEMS BELONGING TO ANY EMPLOYEE. YOU LEAVE YOUR GOODS AT YOUR OWN RISK. We do NOT have storage for vendors to leave their displays during off weeks. Any items left behind after the conclusion of your scheduled market selling day will become property of Artists & Fleas and will be removed and disposed of.


All participating vendors must only offer the product/s they presented when initially signing up for participation – i.e. if you were accepted at the market to sell T-Shirts, then you cannot decide arbitrarily to sell jewelry as an attempt to boost your sales. ANY new additions that you would like to offer must be pre-approved. We suggest that all vendors take pride in the appearance and presentation of their space; a professional attitude and look inevitably will help impact sales.


Appliances (irons, hair dryers, etc.) and/or heavy duty lighting are not allowed. If any vendor requires electricity beyond what is considered reasonable and necessary, please ask for approval prior to the reserved day.


There is WiFi for use by vendors as well as an ATM on-site.


Please keep your space tidy. It is each vendor's responsibility to clean up all your trash at the end of the day. Over-sized items left behind (including furniture, fixtures or other merchandising materials) that are not properly disposed of may result in vendor being assessed an additional trash removal fee.


Please keep us updated of your contact information as well as any changes to your website, business name, etc. so that we can keep that information current on our website as well as be able to respond to any and all press inquiries with accurate information.

*For new vendors who are joining us on Saturday, there is a possibility of staying for Sunday as well, space permitting.

**Management reserves the right to make changes to the above policies at any time and to remove participating vendors with no prior warning.