Goods With Attitude for Man's Best Friend

heavens-devilz-brooklyn-bulldogGood things often come in 3's. Well, 4 if you count the teaser of an announcement about hot biscuits & gravy coming for your brunch and munch pleasure from Painted Lady Fare. This weekend, we're feeling the theme of attitude and 4-legged friend inspiration from some of the new folks debuting in Williamsburg. Heavens Devilz is artist and designer Adam Kappstatter's Brooklyn-made unruly foray into the world of graphic apparel. Previously only sold through a close-knit group of friends and insiders, Adam has carefully selected his top picks for the Williamsburg crowd including his wildly famous bulldog from our borough (see photo) - on t-shirts and matted prints. Saturday only

The Sneering Earring is more than just clever wordplay for the anti-snark set. It's all in the packaging:  jewelry, scarves, rings, and hair accessories with a twist. Check out designer Elizabeth Kornbluth's packaging which include unique "sneers" designed to elicit a chuckle or belly laugh or both. Sunday only

Cathlin Noonan wrote in her description of her hand-drawn dog doodle and portraiture brand Goodafternoonan the following:  I was sitting on my couch, eating bonbons, watching episodes of Arrested Development...And with that, we were smitten. She draws pets. Pets with attitude. Pets in poses. Pet portraits. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We can't wait!  Saturday only