Falling in Love Again with FSMNYC

ronnie-aminov-FSMNYCWe're the first to admit it. We have something of a father/son obsession and pride with FSMNYC, Ronnie Aminov and Cynthia Caterra's fashion jewelry design line. The A&F community is a large extended family and the success story that is FSMNYC (formerly FancySexyMe) is one that we're proud of and love to share. We caught up with Ronnie, part of the dynamic duo the other day to hear a bit of their story looking back over the years.

When did you first come to Artists & Fleas?

Mother's Day weekend, 2009.

What is your fondest memory of that first selling day?

Someone actually buying something. We had no idea if we would sell anything. Seriously.

What don't you miss about that day?

The unknown - feeling hopeful, scared, excited and extremely nervous.

What's your most memorable moment?

I made - half as a joke - a really bad Australian impression to a customer. It turned out to be Kylie Minogue and when she pulled out her credit card, I nearly shat my pants.

What's the highlight of your time at the market?

Every single time we sell something, we make someone happy. I cannot get enough of it.