Makin' It: With Whimsy & Wood

into-the-forest-williamsburgInto The Forest is the beautiful, artistic and dream-like collaboration between two lovers living in Brooklyn. Sarah Zar is a dreamy artist full of whimsy, and her partner Naaran is an exquisite woodworker. She is inspired by literature and secrets and loves to share hidden things with strangers; he loves wood and builds custom furniture interiors found in cafés and restaurants around NYC. Together they built an alcove out of recycled wood and set up shop to showcase their art objects at A&F for the past two weekends. Stepping up to their booth felt like being transported into a fairytale where the imagination can run wild: small paintings in handmade frames, necklaces made from chandelier crystals up-cycled with drawings, memory fingers for gifts, bird cages to catch ideas, and antique lockets with miniature paintings. We can't wait for them to bring their world of wonder back to the market this Spring!