Makin' It: Elephant in the Attic

caitlin-elephant-in-the-atticElephant in the Attic is the brainchild of Caitlin Brubacher, a playwright who has merged her love of thrifting and upcycling with her love of for the written word. Caitlin came to NY to study playwriting at Brooklyn College, and began to make plays out of materials that are often over-looked: a bizarre text found from a 1950s encyclopedia on women's health, an overheard conversation on the subway, even a transcript of the  contemporary reality TV show wife-swap. Through Elephant in the Attic, she has continued to frame the past and make something new of it, but now doing so through the visual medium of framing and matting vintage prints from mid-century books and other cultural paraphernalia. Her space at the market is a wonderland for the curious and eclectic-loving. Every space is filled with interesting items from hanging frames and baskets of matted prints to feathered hair clips and more. Caitlin irresistibly draws on her own theatrics with a greeting that is often quirky and memorable. Inquire about custom orders if there's an old book you're in love with or visit her facebook page to submit an inquiry and to follow her process.

Behold the delightful world of Elephant in the Attic every weekend in Williamsburg.