Makin' It: Prints & Patterns

Cora-NY-mini-market-pop-up-williamsburgIf you’ve ever come to A&F looking for a new dress, chances are you’ve tried one on from Erika Nakajima's design line Cora. With their whimsical prints and simple silhouettes, they are an easy dress to wear casually or dressed up. And that’s exactly what designer Erika Nakajima was going for when she started the line just a year ago. Around that time Erika split from her business partner to pursue her own unique line of clothing, which she had been showing at A&F every weekend. Since then she’s moved up, moved on and gained a following through her participation at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market last Spring and Holiday seasons. This past weekend she revealed her new collection and new booth at the market featuring handmade furniture by a local woodworker who has made custom furniture for others at the market - viva la collaborations! - turning Cora's booth into a legit mini pop-up in a market.

Come see the new Cora for yourself and find yourself in a cute number just in time for Spring!