Falling in Love, a Valentine's Day Special

patty_shmataWhat's a maven? Ask Patricia Lie, designer, collector and vintage curator behind Ahshmata. We last did a catch-up during the Summer of 2011. Time flies and a lot has changed. When did you first sell with us? Fall 2010

What's your fondest memory of that day? That weird, fuzzy feeling of not having a boss and all the money I earned was MINE!

What don't you miss from that day? Packing it all up!!!!!!  (Now when the market closes, I just shut the lights).

What's your most memorable customer interaction: CL (2ne1) shopping incognito and loading up on shmatas right before her big show. Serious stuff!

What's your proudest moment? Seeing City girls on the streets wearing shmata leather shorts.

It's not yet shorts-wearing weather but Patricia is hard at work on her Summer collection and you can peep it in previews in Williamsburg any weekend day.