Shanna Nash is Snash 24/7

snash-jewelry-brooklyn-shanna-nashIt's funny to look back and remember the first day that folks like Snash Jewelry's Shanna Nash came to the market to set up and show. Her now famous (we daresay iconic) grills are but one of the many knock-out pieces in her arsenal. And as Shanna takes to the road for shows far and wide to share a little bit of that Brooklyn vibe in her part-time role as Artists & Fleas ambassador (sorta), she wins the hearts and minds of hundreds who invariably say: When I grow up and move to Brooklyn, I wanna be like Shanna Nash. When did you first sell at A&F? March 2011

What's your fondest memory from that day? Explaining to Ruby and Noa how to take a mouth mold

What don't you miss from that day? Being the new kid on the block.

What's your most memorable customer? The first day someone asked for an 18k gold tooth

Your favorite weekend snack? Froyo yo!

Your proudest moment? Getting to the market on time!

Got a favorite bathroom graffiti? The pigeon that likes my shoes.

Get down with the wit and charm of Shanna Nash every weekend in Williamsburg. Wanna become her new BFF? Bring some froyo...