A Gathering of the Tribes

nomad-truckCreativity knows no bounds this weekend and doubtful it has anything to do with the Superbowl. There's tons of inspiration blowing through Brooklyn and we're feeling like this is ground zero for a lot of new projects as they seek firm footing before Spring time beckons. Into The Forest is artist Sarah Gonek's collective obsession with wood: reclaimed, salvaged, historic and elegant. Whether it's oil paintings, frames, accent pieces, pocket watches or home furnishings (folks may recognize Sarah's studio's touch from Pop's on North 8th), wood is at the core and it makes for a world of enchantment. Saturday & Sunday

While Jessica Goldenberg retro-fits her newly purchased and old school delivery van into the wandering fashion boutique that it will become, Nomad stays true to its wandering name and ethos and pops up this weekend with a collection of hand-picked items (his & hers, fashion and accessories) from Jessica's wanderings (see photo). It's a mix of boho and tribal and vintage and new to tease that little nomad wanderlust in each of us. Saturday & Sunday

Poppy Lunari makes its market debut bringing an explosion of flowers to the show with jewelry and lamps made with real flowers and an array of one-of-a-kind handmade purses made from vintage, handwoven and embroidered fabrics with floral notes. Saturday & Sunday

Attention grabbing neckwear for the free-spirited and fearless is how Jaw Droppers Jewelry likes to call it. And man, do we dig the bold and the beautiful to which we say to designer Phyllis Beard: bring it on! Saturday only

Chelsea Hrynick Browne  mixes the worlds of nature and urban environments to create brilliant one-of-a-kind tiles from hand-cut origami paper glued onto wood. Total explosions of color and textures that are equally at home on your wall, your desk, your bookshelf or even your bag. Saturday only