Flashback with Cyclical Industry

cyclical_industriesSince first setting up at the market less than 2 years ago, FIT grad artists and industrial designers Sean Kwac and Suhyun An, have catapulted their cycling-inspired jewelry and accessories design line, Cyclical Industry, into a thriving enterprise with a spin-off brand - Blissfulcase NY - dedicated to high-concept iPhone cases and more. In doing so, Sean and Soo have become regulars holding sales with Fab.com (the current sale ends tomorrow!) and even getting picked up recently by a MoMA design store buyer perusing the market in Williamsburg. Here's their story.  1) When did you first sell at Artists and Fleas?  August 2011

2) What's your fondest memory from that day? My first customer was a mom and little daughter who loved red so they bought matching bracelets.

3) What don't you miss from that day? I was so nervous that when I was adjusting sizes, my hands were shaking.

4) What's your most memorable customer interaction? A bride came in looking for friendship necklaces and bracelets for herself and her brides maid. I was so happy to be part of her memorable wedding preparation and she sent me wedding photos months later.

5) What's your secret weekend snack? I love DuMont burger and Verb coffee.

6) What's your proudest moment? I first started selling my collection (see photo) three years ago and the designs were original and no one had them. All of a sudden, they were everywhere so I felt mine weren't unique enough. But earlier this year, I was selected by the MoMA Design Store for their 2013 catalog so I took a lot of courage and joy from that and will keep creating!

Check out the fabulous collections from Cyclical Industry and BlissfulcaseNY each and every weekend at the market in Brooklyn and see what can happen when you flea!