Get Touchy Feely This Weekend

Origins-Style-BrooklynWho doesn't like to touch before they buy? Lucky for you, this weekend's crop of new designers and makers is ripe with textile lovers, texture kings and people who just do it so right with raw materials. Origins Style by Nasozi designs and creates modern home decor accessories inspired by and utilizing a broad sampling of African prints and textiles and gives them a distinctively Brooklyn flare (see photo). Designer Nasozi Kakembo calls it African Shabby Chic. That kind of coy name-calling is a dare to play in our book. Saturday only

Kim Lyons of Kim Lyons Benchcraft Jewelry does things with molten metal, semi-precious tones and silver that you might have a hard time imagining if you didn't see it standing there in front of you in real life. Lucky for you, she's bringing her outrageously cool collection to show in Williamsburg this weekend so you can put your paws all over them.

Rubina is designer Kari Litzmann's certifiably hip collection of fold over clutches and zip pouches that play with color and geometry and are - in a word - designed to DAZZLE. In another word: WANT. As in, we want these! Sunday only

Salome Sylvia Gordon is half of Spain-based SIPASSITA, a jewelry design studio that fuses vintage and handcrafted materials to create works of wearable art. This is her Brooklyn debut so love all around for the ladies of southern Spain.

We are fiends for things to put on our walls. Photographer, artist and urban explorer Alissa Huff brings her mixed media works to show combining digital images she shoots in the city, the country, the beach and beyond and mixing them with her own inspired original artwork and jewels. Serious multi-media stuff here.

Two of the tailored kind that tickle our fancy: old friend Greedy Seagull whose been holding it down in Astoria with her fab vintage wonderland, Pin-Up Queens, checks back into Brooklyn this weekend to share some finds. And newcomers Custom Sewing Services (does the name give it away?) aka Moorscode brings a full line of mens and women's clothing to show. Bring it!

March is here and Spring is in the air...check out the bounty in Brooklyn and the lovelies at our Chelsea Market pop-up located in the heart of Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue), open daily 10AM-7PM.