Spring Sensations on the Mind

fare-well-vintage-tradingYou wouldn't know it from today's snow blanket but this weekend teases us with a kiss of Spring. And with Spring's renewal always comes the promise of so much amazingness. Fare Well Trading (see photo) is the love child of Alison Buatti and Mia Graffam, 2 cool chicks legitimately obsessed with housewares and wall adornments both vintage and handmade. They bring their masterful style and some of their loot to the market this weekend just in time for our own little Spring-cleaning market makeover.

Quoise bucks some of the conventional hair accessories trends by creating pieces that can best be called fashion-forward statement pieces. Designer Ashlie Darrel knows that when you're standing there looking fabulous, the crowning achievement is what you've got on top for the whole world to see. Saturday only

Paul Woodvine is Poetry in Print, an exploration of the the world of poetry through illustration and screen prints. His limited edition originals can take you from the Wasteland and beyond, brining words to life with images in a kind of multi-media throwback. Check it all weekend long.

Ponda Posse first debuted at New York Comic-Con in 2011, an auspicious launching pad for many and Cassandra Louie's outfit will not disappoint with a line of shirts featuring pandas in various acts of mischief and adorableness. It's an edgier riff on the world of twee. Come see what we mean this Saturday only.

Who doesn't dig vintage especially when it comes from an industry insider with deep connections to some serious collections? That was rhetorical, clearly. Selena McCartney's Eloisa Vintage has got game and flavor and loot for stylists, fashionistas and everyday people. Saturday only