Makin' It: Homemade in Brooklyn

KM-Mason-Jar-candlesKelly Marks didn’t realize that when she first made candles for her sister’s bridal shower over a year ago and brought some of the extras to sell one market weekend that it would turn into a full time gig. For years, after leaving her career as a flight attendant ("Good morning, welcome aboard..."), Kelly had broken out as a jewelry designer and held her own at Artists & Fleas old space on North 6th Street (her space is literally where that behemoth of an espresso machine lives at Toby's Estate, the fly guys from Down Under). When she made the candles for the first time that Spring, she decided to sell them along with the jewelry. The love was unanimous. Distressed metal topped-mason jar candles that are vegan, made in Brooklyn and have the right scents and sensibilities for discerning Williamsburgers? You know it. White tea and Wisconsin pine are among the lovelies to be found alongside soaps and lip balms.

The times they are a changing and Kelly's been keeping her creative juices going in lock-step with a changing neighborhood. As the gift-giving season approaches and daylight flees our days a little earlier, KM Candles is your homemade hook-up.

Visit Kelly and KM Candles every weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg or check out her Etsy shop.

Part Art, Part Flea, 100% Original Brooklyn

Artists-and-Fleas-Sign-Williamsburg-BrooklynArtist Jenny Berry showed up earlier this August and on her back came some excitement and some fresh perspective. Like most artist souls, Jenny is wide-eyed, open and candid. She instantly fell in love with the market and connected with several of the characters and motley crew (awesome visual portfolio of Shanna Nash and Ricky Becker) who make Artists & Fleas their home. This weekend she took the time to document and share her newfound love and we're excerpting it below. Part guest blogger, part newbie perspective, total breath of fresh air. Whatever you call it, we're digging it. And it's awesome eye candy (via Jenny's sharp eye and talent with Hipstamatic). Click after the jump for the full piece.

If you’re a New Yorker you’ve certainly heard of the bustling weekend vintage & artist’s market; Artists & Fleas in the epicenter of hipsterdom, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you’re planning a visit and have a soft spot for all things unique, rare, hand-crafted and just plain jaw droppingly cool… I strongly suggest you add it to the adgenda. I seriously love this market!

There’s nothing like it anywhere, trust me on this one. Over the years Mark and I have sold our art in every way imaginable...This one is truly unique and one of my all time favorites...continued

Williamsburg Street Caffeine Machine

Kendall Holmes has been steadily perfecting his craft for years. The result? Cloud Coffee, the mobile coffee cart by this caffeine purveyor, carnival barker and street charmer holding it down on weekends in Williamsburg. For Kendall, it's not merely mastering the art of the cold brew or the pour over. It's more meta for the man whose affections, connections and bona fides in and around the Brooklyn artisan food scene go deep (by day, he's running Special Ops for McClure's Pickles in the new incubator kitchen in Bushwick). It's all about service. Not about kissing your ass service but about giving it to you straight. After a long coffee-less winter, the coffee machine has returned and with him, the masses like the swallows to Capistrano, where his weekend menu of cold brew, french press and pour over is served to perfection sourcing his beans from Greenpoint's Café Grumpy.

Follow Kendall and his Cloud Coffee Chariot on Twitter and make sure to share your photos with him and with us (@artistsandfleas). It’s impossible not to want to take a picture, so share it!

Are You Knit-Worthy?

Ansley Davenport learned the ways of the world by knitting her way through it. The rural West Virginia native turned Brooklynite got her first lesson in knitting from her older sister whose sage advice was to knit her way over a bad boyfriend breakup. Fast-forward some years and Ansley, whose Ansley Knits debuted earlier this month, has taken a family tradition of crafting (her dad builds canoes and kayaks) to the market mixing in her love of vintage with her burgeoning ensemble of cowels, hats, mufflers, mittens and gloves that she makes and sells before your very eyes during the weekend market day. Ansley happily will take custom orders and fields requests from fans throughout the day with one caveat: you must be knit-worthy. Appreciate it. Love it. Make it your own. I'll never knit for boyfriends ever again - what happens when you break up before you finish the piece? You're left with a history of half-finished pieces to remind you of those relationships. Never again.

Follow @AnsleyKnits and check her out this weekend and next weekend, Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-7PM in Williamsburg.