2 Turntables & a Microphone

Since Day 1, DJs have worked the market, spinning tunes to set the vibe and help shape the market experience. It's not a club. But it's not a lame soundtrack at retail. It's fresh, live and real-time. As the Brooklyn and beyond obsession with classic vinyl has waxed and waned and waxed anew, so too has our motley crew of spinners and mixers. The early days saw 2 diehard and hard-partying DJs-turned-gallerists-turned-shopkeeps hold it down every Sunday. Stef and Jesse ran Koi Market on Havemeyer and they used to roll in a little after 12pm with their monstrous speakers and hot sake, spinning a mix of retro classics, funk and R&B. Then came FutureFunk aka DJ Sportjacket, one of the most rockingest collectors of reggae and funk, one half of the duo behind Grand Street's Lucky Cat.

Some DJs have gone on to fame. Others live in infamy. Some are avid collectors and fans of the rare grooves. Some are just lovers of music, eager to take advantage of a day-time gig to spin and share what they love most.

We've come full circle. And this year promises to kick things up a notch. Beginning this month, we'll be bringing in 2 DJs each weekend market day in Williamsburg for 2 sets. It's a way for guys and gals to play master of the vibe, share their passions and have some fun without the hassle of being in a bar taking those 3AM requests from drunk fools.

If you like to spin, have an itch to scratch or know someone who has what it takes, hit us up via @artistsandfleas.