Father Panik Industries & Williamsburg's Other Side

Father_Panik_Industries_Williamsburg_designAsk Scott Machens, co-creator and co-head honcho of Brooklyn-based Father Panik Industries, his take on the past 10 years in Williamsburg and he's apt to say that you can't find a decent place to shoot a BB gun anymore now that the whole waterfront condo scene has developed the once desolate wasteland for alternative creative pursuits. Together with partner Mika Kitamori, the 2 have been churning out graphic designs, jewelry and accessories for the darker side for the better part of 10 years since selling back with us during our opening month in December 2003. They've steadily cultivated a following - a kind of pre-hipster aesthetic that can be equally at home at the tattoo conventions that Father Panik hits up throughout the Spring and Summer as Artists & Fleas and our cohorts on the Brooklyn market scene. It's design with attitude and it's damn good to have them. Get a taste of that dystopic design sensibility at the market every Saturday & Sunday on North 7th Street. Dare you to try and make Scott crack a smile.

Food Artisans: Jessy's Pastries

Jessy-Pastries-alfajoresOn the never-ending quest for the rare and the sublime, food fans who crave the sweet and savory and a taste of the far-away have been wowed the past few weeks with the arrival of Jessy's Pastries, wunderkind Jessy Nahmias' homage to the traditional Latin American sweet treat alfajores. Like most budding food entrepreneurs, Jessy is hip to more than just tradition and after debuting her delicious dulces back in March at the market, she found that Brooklynites have more than just a sweet tooth and want for something different. Her baked empanadas debuted to great fanfare earlier this Spring and they are a Brooklyn original [Jessy holds it down on Saturdays at Hester Street Fair but the empanadas only come out for the cool kids this side of the East River on Sundays]. Check out the love Jessy got on SeriousEats and make sure to give her some love Sundays in the 'Burg. Yum!

Artists & Revolutionaries: Designer John-Michael

Brooklyn-based-designer-John-MichaelWhen Greenpoint designer John-Michael Schlotter walked away from his corporate design director role and set up his studio to begin the work of turning Artists & Revolutionaries into a reality, little did he realize that his passion and instincts to create one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces from cast-off fabric bolts, reclaimed leather jackets and salvaged cotton fabrics would resonate so fast and so furious. His voice is earnest. His convictions are straightforward. And he makes no bones about what he does and why he does it - check out this video for more. His collection debuted in Williamsburg at the market in late March and these days, John-Michael is working 5 days a week to design, cut, sew and bring to market more than 50 pieces each week. See what he has in store this weekend.

Rifle + Radford in the Spotlight

RIFLE+RADFORD-Chelsea-Market Serious radness has officially arrived in the form of RIFLE + R A D F O R D, designer Melanie RR Edwards homage to the spirit of the Southwest with the soul of a Brooklyn-phile now on display at our Chelsea Market pop-up via Austin. Part lifestyle brand and part design collective, R+R has been developing the brand of "handmade heritage" for several years, creating a collection of rich and brilliant jewelry inspired by nature with necklaces, earrings and cuffs using citrine, turquoise, malachite and other semi-precious gemstones in styles and settings that are both rough rock and refined. Debuting at the pop-up are 3 noteworthy initiatives from some of R+R's favorite friends and design buddies: handcrafted knits, leather envelope clutches and a meticulously curated collection of vintage Americana housewares and home goods.

Read more about rad gal Melanie on her blog and be prepared to be dazzled by the eye candy, design inspiration and more.

R+R-billiards R+R clutch and leather







RIFLE + RADFORD is at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market inside Chelsea Market on the corner of West 15th at Tenth Avenue, daily through June 3rd.