Spring Sensations on the Mind

fare-well-vintage-tradingYou wouldn't know it from today's snow blanket but this weekend teases us with a kiss of Spring. And with Spring's renewal always comes the promise of so much amazingness. Fare Well Trading (see photo) is the love child of Alison Buatti and Mia Graffam, 2 cool chicks legitimately obsessed with housewares and wall adornments both vintage and handmade. They bring their masterful style and some of their loot to the market this weekend just in time for our own little Spring-cleaning market makeover.

Quoise bucks some of the conventional hair accessories trends by creating pieces that can best be called fashion-forward statement pieces. Designer Ashlie Darrel knows that when you're standing there looking fabulous, the crowning achievement is what you've got on top for the whole world to see. Saturday only

Paul Woodvine is Poetry in Print, an exploration of the the world of poetry through illustration and screen prints. His limited edition originals can take you from the Wasteland and beyond, brining words to life with images in a kind of multi-media throwback. Check it all weekend long.

Ponda Posse first debuted at New York Comic-Con in 2011, an auspicious launching pad for many and Cassandra Louie's outfit will not disappoint with a line of shirts featuring pandas in various acts of mischief and adorableness. It's an edgier riff on the world of twee. Come see what we mean this Saturday only.

Who doesn't dig vintage especially when it comes from an industry insider with deep connections to some serious collections? That was rhetorical, clearly. Selena McCartney's Eloisa Vintage has got game and flavor and loot for stylists, fashionistas and everyday people. Saturday only


Get Touchy Feely This Weekend

Origins-Style-BrooklynWho doesn't like to touch before they buy? Lucky for you, this weekend's crop of new designers and makers is ripe with textile lovers, texture kings and people who just do it so right with raw materials. Origins Style by Nasozi designs and creates modern home decor accessories inspired by and utilizing a broad sampling of African prints and textiles and gives them a distinctively Brooklyn flare (see photo). Designer Nasozi Kakembo calls it African Shabby Chic. That kind of coy name-calling is a dare to play in our book. Saturday only

Kim Lyons of Kim Lyons Benchcraft Jewelry does things with molten metal, semi-precious tones and silver that you might have a hard time imagining if you didn't see it standing there in front of you in real life. Lucky for you, she's bringing her outrageously cool collection to show in Williamsburg this weekend so you can put your paws all over them.

Rubina is designer Kari Litzmann's certifiably hip collection of fold over clutches and zip pouches that play with color and geometry and are - in a word - designed to DAZZLE. In another word: WANT. As in, we want these! Sunday only

Salome Sylvia Gordon is half of Spain-based SIPASSITA, a jewelry design studio that fuses vintage and handcrafted materials to create works of wearable art. This is her Brooklyn debut so love all around for the ladies of southern Spain.

We are fiends for things to put on our walls. Photographer, artist and urban explorer Alissa Huff brings her mixed media works to show combining digital images she shoots in the city, the country, the beach and beyond and mixing them with her own inspired original artwork and jewels. Serious multi-media stuff here.

Two of the tailored kind that tickle our fancy: old friend Greedy Seagull whose been holding it down in Astoria with her fab vintage wonderland, Pin-Up Queens, checks back into Brooklyn this weekend to share some finds. And newcomers Custom Sewing Services (does the name give it away?) aka Moorscode brings a full line of mens and women's clothing to show. Bring it!

March is here and Spring is in the air...check out the bounty in Brooklyn and the lovelies at our Chelsea Market pop-up located in the heart of Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue), open daily 10AM-7PM.

Lovely Stuff, Brooklyn Style

brooklyn-vintage-pop-cultureLast weekend's white-out pushed a few fine sellers' schedules back a bit. And they're here this weekend in all of their glory with the benefit of time to make and collect and be ready for some show and sell. Honeysuckle & Hearts is known to many vintage enthusiasts around Brooklyn for their pop-up presence at last year's DeKalb Market and at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market. They're coming home with a treasure trove of awesome finds for dudes and the fairer set. Good picking for those who dig the hunt.

ArinMayaMade is Brooklyn-based designer ArinMaya's downright fascination with recycling and up-cycling textiles and textures and turning them into objects of envy and obsession.

If you like it, put a cap on it. Or a fedora, panama or porkpie. C'mon, this is Brooklyn in 2013 after all and Antoinette & Aurora are a modern-day haberdashery and millinery that gives throwback styles a contemporary twist. The most perfect of all accessories for your weekend galavanting, you know.

A5 is artist and designer Ayaka Hara's stop-you-in-your-tracks jewelry and home decor from dried flowers. It's a well-known form of expression but Ayaka's wearable art is not to be missed and it makes us long for Spring flowers...

Williamsburg vintage devotees may recognize Kate Amendala's Forever Tragic Vintage from her keen eye for women's wearable vintage clothing from the 1970s and 1980s, eras that are worthy of so much fine fashion critique. Thankfully, Kate's bringing the best of the best for the all-knowing Williamsburg set.

Plutocracy gave us a false start last Fall but designer Anitra Michelle is revving on all pistons and is bringing her ready-to-wear womenswear to WillyB on the heels of Fashion Week. Vroom!

A Gathering of the Tribes

nomad-truckCreativity knows no bounds this weekend and doubtful it has anything to do with the Superbowl. There's tons of inspiration blowing through Brooklyn and we're feeling like this is ground zero for a lot of new projects as they seek firm footing before Spring time beckons. Into The Forest is artist Sarah Gonek's collective obsession with wood: reclaimed, salvaged, historic and elegant. Whether it's oil paintings, frames, accent pieces, pocket watches or home furnishings (folks may recognize Sarah's studio's touch from Pop's on North 8th), wood is at the core and it makes for a world of enchantment. Saturday & Sunday

While Jessica Goldenberg retro-fits her newly purchased and old school delivery van into the wandering fashion boutique that it will become, Nomad stays true to its wandering name and ethos and pops up this weekend with a collection of hand-picked items (his & hers, fashion and accessories) from Jessica's wanderings (see photo). It's a mix of boho and tribal and vintage and new to tease that little nomad wanderlust in each of us. Saturday & Sunday

Poppy Lunari makes its market debut bringing an explosion of flowers to the show with jewelry and lamps made with real flowers and an array of one-of-a-kind handmade purses made from vintage, handwoven and embroidered fabrics with floral notes. Saturday & Sunday

Attention grabbing neckwear for the free-spirited and fearless is how Jaw Droppers Jewelry likes to call it. And man, do we dig the bold and the beautiful to which we say to designer Phyllis Beard: bring it on! Saturday only

Chelsea Hrynick Browne  mixes the worlds of nature and urban environments to create brilliant one-of-a-kind tiles from hand-cut origami paper glued onto wood. Total explosions of color and textures that are equally at home on your wall, your desk, your bookshelf or even your bag. Saturday only


Goods With Attitude for Man's Best Friend

heavens-devilz-brooklyn-bulldogGood things often come in 3's. Well, 4 if you count the teaser of an announcement about hot biscuits & gravy coming for your brunch and munch pleasure from Painted Lady Fare. This weekend, we're feeling the theme of attitude and 4-legged friend inspiration from some of the new folks debuting in Williamsburg. Heavens Devilz is artist and designer Adam Kappstatter's Brooklyn-made unruly foray into the world of graphic apparel. Previously only sold through a close-knit group of friends and insiders, Adam has carefully selected his top picks for the Williamsburg crowd including his wildly famous bulldog from our borough (see photo) - on t-shirts and matted prints. Saturday only

The Sneering Earring is more than just clever wordplay for the anti-snark set. It's all in the packaging:  jewelry, scarves, rings, and hair accessories with a twist. Check out designer Elizabeth Kornbluth's packaging which include unique "sneers" designed to elicit a chuckle or belly laugh or both. Sunday only

Cathlin Noonan wrote in her description of her hand-drawn dog doodle and portraiture brand Goodafternoonan the following:  I was sitting on my couch, eating bonbons, watching episodes of Arrested Development...And with that, we were smitten. She draws pets. Pets with attitude. Pets in poses. Pet portraits. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We can't wait!  Saturday only

Rare, Fare & Objects of Desire

continuum-fashion-printed-tiesCool hunters and market mavens don't let the weather fool them. These are the days of market debuts and mysteries revealed and a whole new crop of sellers are proof positive that cool lives here in Williamsburg at the market. Continuum Fashion blurs the lines between digital and fashion by creating 3D printed jewelry and digitally inspired clothing designs (see photo). Call it craft for the digital age.

What happens when you've got 26 years and 7000 square feet worth of antiques from Pennsylvania and beyond and you bring them to Brooklyn? This is not for the faint of heart and Crown Antiques represents with a bounty of merch for the home and closet. Highlights include: never-worn Western riding wear, vintage Apache, Hopi, Navajo, and American Indian wall hangings, vintage Pendelton blankets and an antique collection of Zippo lighters and Art Deco decals perfect for restaurant, store and home decor. Dang, that's a haul!

It's Summer in Rio and designer Vanessa Avellar brings a taste of Brazilian style to Brooklyn with her 2013 collection of leather shoes and bags including her signature red-tipped heel pump. So radically Rio!

Jewels and bags are back in January. This weekend marks the return of Fall fan favorites QF Trading (aka Alyxia Leaf) with their gold-dipped leaf-inspired jewelry and accessories and the debut of Pam Older Designs, handmade jewelry in silver in gold inspired by nature and at home in the urban jungle. Doray Unlimited brings handmade leather handbags to the market, the perfect pick-me-up-and-fill-up accessory for the new neighborhood set.

Finally, after some months in the planning, local food dude on the scene and the man behind the wildly fun and famous Brooklynauts food take-downs, Charlie Mirisola, debuts his newest venture: Painted Lady Fare. We will remain reserved in our enthusiasm but the market is sure to embrace this new food hook-up at the market and on the Northside of the nabe. Check their website for new menu additions throughout the week!

Cool Stuff for Your Crash Pad

Fiber-and-Water-one-kings-lane-lifestyle-photoJanuary gives folks an excuse to turn their gaze inwards. It's about resolutions, improvements and all that stuff that we struggle with maintaining throughout the year. But it's also about making your home nice. So whether you live in a poorly insulated, renovated church turned into a Bushwick loft that you share with 6 room mates, a snazzy new condo in a Williamsburg mega tower or a nice, little room in a walk-up building like most of us, we've got some cool accents to make your home feel a bit more, well, homey.

Fiber & Water is a Portland, Maine-based designer of all natural burlap wall prints. Artist Miles Perry hand presses stencils with water-based inks directly onto burlap with images that are iconic, inspiring and downright cute (see photo). These are so tres Brooklyn...

Sarah Cooley, the mastermind behind vintage upcycling home decor line Simply Curated, returns to kick some serious ass and whip a whole lot of folks into shape as she debuts her newest collection of hand-poured wax candles in vintage and Art Deco tumblers and glassware. But that's not all, folks. She has teamed up with A&F stalwart Caitlin Brubacher to curate a lovely mini-shop dedicated to their joint connoisseurship of things upcycled, salvaged, re-purposed and timeless. Welcome back home!

Slacker Gift-Giving Holiday Hook-Up

dirty-bandits-Love-sign-brooklynIf you're like the 99.9% of us, you're doing most of your shopping live, in-person and last minute. Well, you survived the end of days and can live to tell about it as you shop some of the amazing folks bringing it out this weekend in Williamsburg (and daily through Christmas Eve at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market). 2 amazing edible additions to the market this weekend - Square Foot Farm is both a gift-worthy gig and a NYC original. Perrenials and annuals that can live in your apartment and feed a family of 4. What will they come up with next? Ron Arazi is a newcomer to the Brooklyn culinary scene but he's got the goods. He debuts his made-by-hand Moroccan couscous (not your mother's couscous, serious real deal stuff!) and daily special stews for the brunching and lunching crowd this weekend in Brooklyn.

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Art is good for you, you know. So there's a lot of gorgeousness to choose from including Dirty Bandits (born and ink'd in Brooklyn 11211, photo above), Bykovki Studio (industrial paint products like Rustoleum, acetone and shellac on glass panels, mounted on wooden blocks) and SVA alumni collective Fat Feathers studio.

For those craving the grab and gift kind of goods, HaitiCorps International brings handmade handbags, totes and purses from the island crafted for a cause. Click it.

And we would be remiss if we didn't shout out a happy 2 year anniversary to Williamsburg beauty and body superstar Grace Colon of Piel. Her story of a husband and wife team of great products and gorgeous packaging never ceases to amaze us and inspire us. Onward!


Your Hipster Holiday Hook-Up

BonBonTrust-Suzanne-Goldenburg-designMore goods and more greatness comes out this weekend ready to make it into your grab-bag of holiday fun. The market is clearly an antidote to that feeling you get when you sit soul-lessly browsing the web in search of a unique gift. Get that one-of-a-kind feeling and meet the maker behind the merch. Bon Bon Trust tore it up last Saturday and lit the market on fire with designer and artist Suzanne Goldenburg's indescribable design line (see photo) that borders on the conceptual but is most definitely wearable, lovable and certain to be the envy of your friends seeking the perfect complement to their wardrobe this season. She's back this Saturday with more mind-blowing pieces to be had.

6362MetaForce isn't the access code to some after-hours hip Brooklyn rave though a look at the wares that Williamsburg-denizen Vish Kalra has on display could transport you to another reality altogether if you will it. Vish and his crew take their cues from stints in Goa to create boho-chic leather bags, belts, clutches and more --- the kinds of things to stash your stuff or strut around town, however you like to wear it. Saturday & Sunday

Lydia Gobena's design line Birabiro is not just cool jewels for the globe-trotting soul. It's a combination of that design elegance and design simplicity that this Ethiopian-born jeweler brings to her work in silver and other precious metals. Sunday only

Effervest Scents isn't just word play, it's Latisha Graham's straight-up love affair with the way scents can transport you to another place and her line of gel candles will tickle your nose and tease your mind and take you away to a place other than your 4-walled box of a rental. Thank goodness for that! Saturday & Sunday

YB Vintage (aka YB Standard) brings a little bit of a bad-ass touch to a vintage obsession, debuting a collection of men's and women's vintage clothing that goes back to the 1890s through the end of the last century to which we say: bring it! Saturday only

A few new and noteworthy additions and returnees to the market this fine December weekend include the folks from Brooklyn DIY Supply (the name says it all and they've got DIY down hardcore for your creative maker fans), old fan fave friend Brass Isaac (always a holiday treat for us - see why!), and cool kid Leila Khoury from LVK who folks may remember as part of the crew behind rock-star jewelry maker Electric Picks.


Tick Tock, Your Holiday Shop

Not feeling the urgency to hook up those gifts yet? Well, the weekend brings the start of Hannukah and after those 8 days are done and gone, it's a sprint to Merry Merry. Check your lists because there's a serious hook-up happening in Williamsburg this weekend. Dudes like wood and beer and nifty gifts, right? Wood Thumb has the perfect plays for all. Wood neckties, wood six-pack holders (see photo) and more. These are not the heritage stuff of your grandpa's attic but will stand the test of time in style and hip factor.

Flying in the face of your gender stereotypes some more is Goodship, Brooklyn-based textile designer Julie Maclean's line of bags and accessories featuring handprinted and dyed textiles. She calls them robust mutli-tasking bags built to be used everyday, without sacrificing style including colorblock totes, coin purses, fold-up bags, iPad cases and womens bow-ties.

Want warm wool in your weekend? A Wool Story has wool to woo you --- handmade knits made from 100% recycled wool from reclaimed sweaters. Woohoo!

Mullane Ink brings the perfect pitch to the holiday season with one-of-a-kind, hand painted mirrors, candle votives, and leather jewelry. Artist Molly Shannon (not of SNL fame) is looking to deck your halls and rock your season.


Setting the Holiday Clock: What's New From Who

Artists-and-Fleas-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-Holiday-BazaarThe holidays are when folks come out of the woodwork. And it's always a treat to see folks with history at the market - folks whose own history of making and designing charts the story of Williamsburg these past several years. So, welcome back home Pete McGouran from Bushwick's Polluted Eyeball and Susan Lieberman from SPARC Jewelry. A whole slew of old friends are back from more recent memory including Sunset Blvd Vintage with an immaculate collection of fine fur and Irina Corso's terrarium-obsessed world. The "art" in Artists & Fleas is representing this weekend full stop with the illustrious illustrations of C.M.W. Illustration, works of art on paper goods, stationary and more, the gorgeous gift of letterpress from Pete's better half Beth and her design studio, Golden Rectangle Press, and abstract painter Dipak Mistry. Gift-giving goods of the art and design variety never looked so good.

Market fans need their shiny, sparkly fix. And while we always boast and host a crop of innovative jewelry and accessories designers that are market regulars, 'tis the season to bring more to market. Royal Things is Amber Royal's love affair with jewelry and accessories from the Edwardian period to eras both retro and contemporary. Aires Jewelry brings statement jewelry pieces appropriately named like the "Rocker Ring" and "Golden Thunder" that works off of geometric shapes, strong Latin roots (bueno as in aires, ya know) and that ever so fine line between art and fashion. Good stuff for your prezzie lists.

What would the season be without good stuff for your good body? You Da Balm brings it, dig it?

If you haven't checked out the fine fashion, fun vibes and awesomeness pulsing through Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market, this is your last weekend to catch a few folks before a new crop surfaces on Monday. Check out Studio DKS, WE ARE HERE, India & Purry Designs, Dena Pengas Glass Jewelry, Eternal Reign, ArtToGift and the superfly stylings of Jacqui Ehrler before they move on --- located inside Chelsea Market at 10th Avenue & West 15th Street, open 10:30-7.

A Weekend for Brooklyn Market Mavens

Uhuru-Jewelry-Red-Hook-BrooklynAre you a market maven or would you like to be one? This weekend is THE weekend to cut your teeth on all of that in Williamsburg and along the waterfront with a welcome back to Renegade, a farewell to the boys from the Brooklyn Flea and a big-ass open-armed embrace of some cool kids coming to Artists & Fleas. How Very Dare does something that no one else does this well. Hands down, no joke. These designers turn digital prints into a hot line of ready-to-wear womenswear. This is show-stopping. See for yourself. Saturday only

Atomic Freedom is designer Maureen Goodman's design studio and friendly obsession with pattern-making applied to plain & printed apparel, duffel gags, tote bags, tissue cases, and travel sets. Of course there are letterpress and screen-printed mini posters, postcards, and zones in the mix. Saturday only

Folks may recognize Uhuru Design's strong aesthetic sensibility from restaurants and other well-heeled environments around the City. This weekend marks the debut of a jewelry design line utilizing the same methods and cut-off woods from their furniture production paired with precious metals. Saturday & Sunday

Everything is all about context when it comes to vintage. The American Vernacular has that down pat, offering women’s apparel, jewelry, handbags, shoes and other accessories with an emphasis on 1960s and ‘70s fashions as well as designer pieces by Bill Blass, Escada, Versace, Ferragamo, Pucci, Bruno Magli, Chanel, Christian Dior, Valentino, and more. They're regulars on the market scene and this is their first time doing the A&F thing so it's a big woot woot. Saturday & Sunday

Ichcha is a social enterprise that cares for crafts and the artisans behind it. They are bringing naturally dyed hand block printed products and textiles - gift-worthy, grab-bag things that are good for home, body and earth. Saturday & Sunday


What's New From Who

vintage-brooklyn-bar-tumblersObama wins. The L train is back up and running. And it's going to be 61-degrees on Sunday. It feels like the making of a new world order, almost. Throw in over a dozen newbies to the A&F crew this weekend and it's like a new world order on steroids. Come see for yourself! Simply Curated is simply cool. Sarah Cooley brings her tasteful style and attention to detail to the market this weekend, showcasing vintage decor items for house and home, big and small including typewriters, a vintage moroccan side table, vintage wooden library card catalogs, tumblers (see photo) and more. Saturday & Sunday

Need some art in your life of the wearable, hangable, make-your-friends-envious variety? C'mon, who doesn't? Have we got a rundown for you. On Saturday & SundaySophisticrits is fun, flirty and downright quirky prints and custom pet portraits by artist Jennifer Browning. Mallory Musante turns gorgeous leather shoes made for walking into style pieces that also serve as wearable art --- seeing is believing and these are drop-dead gorgeous (Sunday). House of the Black Wolf takes folks from light to dark and everywhere in between with photographer and illustrator Alex Copeland's ink drawings. (Saturday & Sunday).

2 newbies whose name says it all: Kowaikuma aka scary bear ain't nothing to be afraid of. Rather, it's bookbinder and graphic designer and illustrator Andre Bassuet's line of lovely albums, books and artist books with a nod to some time spent in Japan. (Sunday) Rosemary Romeo's IDontDordinary is the stuff that hardcore makers are made of - the folks who see a helluvalot more than an eating utensil in that fork in your hand. There's little that Rosemary won't repurpose or reimagine and she's bringing a bit of it to the show this Saturday.

If you're hunting for cool jewels, look to Denisse Aneke Accessories that takes seed beads and gems and incorporates weaving bead techniques to create masterful pieces of silver and stone and Pretty Poet Ink and designer Afiya Augustine's one-of-a-kind pieces that blend history, mythology and the world in between.

If you've spent a minute walking up and down Bedford Avenue these past few years, chances are you've come across Brooklyn Chic Handmades. Designer Kathryn Hyatt has seen her street-side passion blow up into a full-fledged business but she continues to keep it close to the street, specializing in handmade hats and scarves with an urban edge. Saturday

A Marathon Weekend for a Bounce-Back Week

Bushwick-Hardware-salvage-lamps-Brooklyn-marketAin't no question that this is the weekend where our community comes together. While countless among us are still dealing with the dark days of Sandy's aftermath, we are hopeful that friends seeing each other and familiar faces will be a welcome relief from this past week's travails. And the running of the NYC Marathon down Bedford Avenue has an uncanny way of turning the nabe on Brooklyn's Northside nabe into a special little village and there are some amazing sellers debuting to bring it all home. [Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market remains CLOSED through Friday, November 2nd awaiting power turn-up]

When Bushwick Hardware's Jerod Hugghins sent word that he was interested in showing his lamps and light designs (pictured above) made from re-purposed materials, antique parts and industrial hardware, we had our own light-bulb-turned-aha-moment. So right on. So super dope. So au courant. It's the stuff that exudes cool and begs to be bought and brought home. Saturday only

Folks may recognize Hartland Brooklyn Card Co. designs from some hip and trendy bookshops and stationary stores up and down the East Coast (soon to be found in a pretty neat national retailer...hmmm), but illustrator and artist Emily Grace Johnson has never done the market thing direct to public. We love that she's debuting with us and she'll be getting the warm Williamsburg welcome no doubt! Saturday only

Deshon Jackson stopped by earlier this Fall into the market and felt the vibe and energy was perfect for his design studio and clothing line - Starrs Collide. And we happened to agree. But now we get to see the full line and Desh's impressario personality bring it to the market for 1 day only, this Saturday.

Loving the lifestyle brand and loving the life it leads is what Modern Day Mogul is all about. This relatively new accessories line from emerging designer Mike Mogul, marketer Lisa Marie Phoenix and a motivated team takes the classic bowtie and turns it into a unisex object of fashion, a statement piece and - boom! - you've got a look going on. Saturday & Sunday

Re-use and re-purpose are strong themes this weekend with Penny Rocket's John Cirillo (Saturday only) and East Village man-about-town John Sean Crean (both days). The former recycles bottles into tumblers, planters and other household items through cold working glass. The latter practices the art of mosaics and uses microscopic bits and shards of glass and ceramics to make jewelry and accessories. Both take the whole DIY idea to a new audience. Jacques & Elixar riffs on the "old as new" by repurposing vintage jewelry and giving them a new lease on life as lockets and necklaces (Saturday only). Liquidshiva isn't the stuff of your trippy flashback, friends. It's Sevde Maher's cult-cool clothing design line of eco-friendly hats and bags and clothing. (Saturday only)

Chris Platt describes his approach to creating fine jewelry in much of the same way as he describes himself: sculpture by nature, industrial by design. There's no illusion that his designs push the envelope of what jewelry is and is meant to be. Sunday only


Play Dress Up, A Weekend Hook Up

Everett-Clothing-Brooklyn-bowtiesVisitors to Williamsburg this weekend are in for a treat or a clever mind trick as they see the market and neighborhood at large play dress up in calculated anticipation of Halloween. Hell, why not celebrate 5 days early. After all, is this Halloween or Williamsburg as the clever and cheeky website does suggest? Don't matter either way 'cause we've got a lot at play. The dapper dudes behind Everett Clothing may very well have timed their market debut with the impeccable precision that seems to define this righteous outfit from 3 well-groomed guys with panache and poise as they show off their bow ties, ties and pocket squares (photo above). File this under "not your father's tie guy" please. Saturday & Sunday

See New York through a fresh pair of eyes this weekend. Photographer Leo Bruce Hempell has seen the City from many vantage points and he's bringing some of the iconic and ready-for-iconic shots to the market for all who call NYC home. Saturday & Sunday

The way designer Jamie Rice describes her line Tuck Brand is straight and simple: loungewear that is casual and comfy, youthful and sexy. That's a tall order and Tuck debuts in these parts of Brooklyn to show that it's not all about sugar and spice. Saturday & Sunday

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't usher in a proper vendor costume contest. If ever there was a weekend to come check out, hang out and shop and be wow'd, this is the one. Will Snash Jewelry's Shanna Nash repeat with a follow up to her StrongMan costume of 2011 or will The Spooky Boutique's Ricky Becker (a 3-time reigning champion) regain the throne? Come see for yourself this Saturday!

What's New From Who

Hanna-Zien-feltwork-WilliamsburgFierce and fabulous is what we're seeing a lot of these days. This weekend turns up the heat a bit with a whole new crop of fresh designers debuting their collections and playing show-and-sell at the market. Muza Designs is Polet Guzman's wild ride of design turned into wearable art, turning drawings into statement pieces by painting on cloth with rich and vibrant acrylic colors daring to be bold and fresh, just how we like it. Saturday only

Z & C by Shirley Cruz and Hanna Zien (photo left) continue the riff on wearable art with a collective of contemporary and vintage inspired clothing and one-of-a-kind hand made accessories many of which are made using felt. Saturday only

LuvStamp is, like the name suggests, a flirty and risque design foray to the other side. In their original email to us, designer Ingrid Estevez shared a design she called a "mash up of two of the best things ever: Marilyn Monroe and Silence of the Lambs." Say no more, say no more. Saturday only

Ever wonder why so many of those bright-eyed dolls at flea markets around the world are missing an eye? KT Ferris Creations has found a brilliant and borderline spooky new life for these one-eyed spirits, salvaging their sibling sight tools and creating blinking eye jewels. Something eerie but perfect for the season that 'tis upon us. Saturday only

Ever wonder what life in a PLUTOCRACY might look like? Designer Anitra Michelle will show you and she's got a thing for a whole new world order with designs and colors that are so much of that fierceness and fabulousness folks are looking for. Sunday only

We are downright OCD about those knick-knack throwback pieces that beg for the building of your own curiosity cabinet. And so vintage collector Logan Schoen of LJ Antiques comes at the right time with his objects from the 1940s and 50s - things like a WWII soldier's found pocket lighter, a mechanical cherry stoner, 1950s display bottles and much more. A lot to discover!  Sunday only

For High Line walkers and Chelsea flaneurs of all stripes and colors, a head's up that High Line Open Studios Chelsea is on this weekend so make sure to check it out when you're popping through Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market. This week brought some fantastic new additions to the show including handmade sunglasses from Lumete, cute and clever design and illustrations from Cherry Runway, and a whole bunch of cool gear from Cyclical Industry. Open Daily from 10:30AM-7PM.


What's New From Who

Super-Sissi-Soul-vintage-designThat Autumn chill you woke up feeling? Embrace it and treat yourself to some amazing new finds this weekend. It's a wild thrill to discover something you just can't live without, ain't it? We've always got your hook up. Super Sissi Soul is about pillows with a fancy look (see photo). Lovingly created by two sisters - one a fashion designer, the other a digital artist - who teamed up to produce one-of-a-kind pillows made of fine materials like vintage velvet or taffeta as well as raw materials like denim or recycled cotton. It's all about the feeling you get when you touch and feel. So come on, touch it, squeeze it, take it home with you! Sunday only

Kristen Marie of the Krowe Collection is one of those hip kids whose in love with vintage and it shows. Her eclectic collection of clothing (including a few sweet leather jackets for the boys!) and home accessories will find themselves right at home this weekend amidst the bounty of other fly finds. Saturday & Sunday

Archetype's debut in Brooklyn this weekend is a homecoming of sorts for jewelry designer Ana Claudia Schultz. Her collections of works in antique copper, brass and sterling pay homage to an early career in architecture and a home-base in Brazil. Alas, her work comes home to Brooklyn where much of her early inspiration came from. Saturday & Sunday

Caviar Noir, according to its creator Julie Ann Ramos, isn't just jewelry. It's "metalwork with chains." And it's the kind of visually arresting design that is equally at home in the worlds of couture and commerce. Saturday only

Call it eclectic. Call it organic. Call it steampunk. Andy's House of Design is a certifiable remix of all of these and so much more. Saturday only

Dear Undefined is the kind of business project we adore. Victoire Scherer is a student who started her design business in high school and is hungry for greatness. Like many of those before her, she's bringing herself to the show to get feedback and make contacts and deserves a great big welcome! Saturday only

If you're looking for a trifecta of cool shopping this weekend, make sure to hit up the Manhattan Vintage Show on your way to or from Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market. Now in it's ??th year, the MVS is a goldmine of vintage goodies from dealers all over the country - including many new friends and old from the A&F community right here in Williamsburg BK!


Falling for Brooklyn: What's New From Who

No5-handwork-tote-bag-japan-to-brooklynWilliamsburg is in all its glory this weekend. While the Autumn leaves have yet to change, ain't no thing because the winds of change have come on strong. Look no further than to a handful of designers and creators who make the market their home base as they took pains this week to revamp and overhaul their spaces - among them, a gritty combat zone home to Astali and a mind-blowing new milieu for Caitlin Brubacher's Elephant in the Attic slash Burnt & Mended. Good things come in small packages. Among the many ideas of design for living, No5 Handwork shows off their Japanese style to the home crowd. Handmade and original bags, pouches and cases that would give the Portlandia crew of writers a serious run for their money. Saturday only

Kapoeta by Ambica is designer Ambica Shah's remixed line of feather and leather, salvaging malted feathers collected from bird sanctuaries and abandoned gardens throughout India and turning them into the super au courant fashion accessory. Saturday & Sunday

Love Bleeds. So true, so true. But it doesn't necessarily need to hurt. Artist Tiffany Rodriguez proves the point with a collection of cult-like cool jewels using vintage materials, beads and charms. One-of-a-kind kind of things for lovers of all things original and indie. Saturday only

The name says it all when the folks from Style Addicts roll in this Saturday. Handmade leather bags born of an aesthetic modern, clean, and for the, ahem, style addicted. Saturday only

From time to time, an artist whose medium is floral design comes to town and it sets the market on fire. There's something about fresh-cut flowers and floral arrangements that - when done right - can be intoxicating for all. Susan Margolis' Rosewood Productions bring that promise. But they won't just have you smelling roses. Saturday & Sunday

Special photographer on Bedford Ave Bryan Close (of the Light Dynamic) returns this Saturday ... make sure to check out some of the larger prints he's been shooting on his late night flaneurs in some of New York City's darkest corners and how he makes the light rain down.

A Love Letter to Brooklyn: What's New From Who

Some nice people and amazing vintage to emerge this weekend. Think prints and patterns and fine folks from the Far East and the Midwest (assuming your definition of it includes Colorado which 'tis true). It's the perfect way to usher in all we like about Fall. Mildred & Bernice is that gorgeous lovechild spawned of urban inspiration and mountain air. Designer Ashley Kratke bolted from the 'Burg years ago and started making jewelry from open-grained woods. Whether it's men's and women's necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cuff links or tie clips (see photos), there's something about M&B for everyone. Saturday & Sunday

You like your accessorizing fierce and fabulous? Somehow the Japanese kids just get it. Motoide Rico throws down the gauntlet on remixed styles with a nod to traditional Japanese Kimono design (rules and patterns) and infusing some pop culture into the mix. The results are embroidered costume jewels that will blow your mind. Saturday & Sunday

The Flying Store marks the debut of Hanna Ji's life-long love affair with vintage and all things Brooklyn. You don't get a fresher Brooklynian than Hanna and her crew who set up shop in Greenpoint earlier this month and in the spirit of #onwards are ready to roll and bring their cute collection to the masses at A&F.

This weekend also marks the return of some fantastic fan faves in vintage: Sylvia Karza & Vagabondia Vintage, Kate Russell of Sweet Disorder Vintage and the viciously fabulous collection of Filippo Gurrieri. See what some trips away have wrought and get your Autumn in gear right here.

Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market is in full bloom this weekend with over 25 vintage and designer collections inside Chelsea Market on the corner of 10th Avenue & West 15th. Open daily from 10:30-7 for you to shop like you wanna.

Yours to Discover: What's New From Who

Britt-by-BrittThe market and community vibe never fail to deliver on the promise of discovery. This weekend is going to be a banner one with over a dozen new designers and vintage collectors coming to market --- there's bound to be something in the mix for everyone! Britt By Britt (photo above) is designer Brittany Bolton's design line inspired by nature and born in the raw taking what are often large, roughly carved crystals and building intricate jewels and some of the most stunning dream-catchers this side of the galaxy around them. Saturday & Sunday

Every outfit has its story. Collections by Lucyann and Dorothy & June has hundreds of them. Literally. Founded by 2 young women fascinated and in love with fine vintage, shopkeeps and vintage thrillists Lucyann Wheeless and Kyle Vereyken have previously shown and sold their collections of fine men's & women's vintage clothing from the 1950's to 1990's by appointment only to a who's who on the stylist and fashion set. They're making it all available to the people - this weekend only!

Little Circles has the potential to blow you away with MoMA-shop-worthy fine and wearable art made entirely out of paper. Artist Erin Curet's wall pieces are created through an intricate process of painting, cutting, securing, shaping and placing thousands of strips of colorful paper in a mosaic style to result in true wearable art. Big and bold and light and impactful. Saturday & Sunday

Limegreen is in the house with their organic and all-natural scrubs, oils, sprays, washes and other pleasurable potions for your home, baby and garden make right here in Brooklyn, USA. Maker Talima Davis has been concocting and growing her line of products for more than 5 years now, a fact and feat that has her in contention for the amazing Martha Stewart American Made awards. Get out and shop, get out and vote this Sunday only.

We say it a lot in these parts: what's in a name? Ask the folks behind Circus Freak Vintage this Sunday and you're sure to be affected by their infectious love of fashion and admiration of all things fantastical, exceptional and eccentric. Sunday only

2 immensely talented jewelry designers make their return to Williamsburg this weekend. Poupette's Geri Kuhn was a fan favorite back in 2009 in our old haunt on North 6th Street with her boho vibe, her French flair and a style that could only be considered eclectically European. She returns with new pieces, new collections and some of that unmistakable Gypsy chic attitude (Saturday only). Sparklefarm's Erin Graves has been noticeably absent from the market these months but has been steadily working on her remix of old and new jewelry and accessories line and has a ton to show for it this weekend and next.