Picks for a Handmade Holiday


Say handmade and you're bound to get a zillion and one interpretations depending on who you're talking to. Mom in Kenosha has a very different understanding of it than your brother slumming it in Silver Lake. We're keeping things clear and classy when we talk handmade this holiday season. And  A&F Market Biz Ops' honcho Laura has a few of her faces for the gift-giving season. When you need a break from your iPhone, certifiably cool and old school Journals from Another Work in Progress do the trick. They are perfect gifts for that slightly analog mom who doesn’t always want to put it all into iCal.

You know the saying it's better to look good than to feel good. Truth in advertising gets one-upped with nail polish from Cirque Colors with their wild and fab chemical-free line of polishes that satisfy looking and feeling great. Total Secret Santa surprise and crowd-pleaser!

Kids young and old (and parents) LOVE puppets and stuffed animals. You don’t believe us? Just look around! Getting something special and handmade CUSTOM (yes, custom) from Puppet Fluff is beyond awesome. And it's truly and uniquely one-of-a-kind, ain't two ways about it.

For those must-have, grab-and-go gifts that are consummate crowd pleasers and never fail, you can't go wrong with organic cotton holiday bibs from Twinko and the Chalk Board Tee Shirt from Class Attire.

For more handmade holiday gifts that take the whole notion of cool artisan goods to a new level, drop into the market this weekend in Williamsburg and daily at Chelsea Market or hit up one of these fabulous makers at their online shoppes this season.