Blending with DJ Turmix

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DJ Turmix is a vinyl collector, music consultant, radio host and occasional mixer. The Barcelona native is a resident DJ at Artists & Fleas and has been been exciting music fans worldwide for over 20 years. 

Born: Barcelona, Spain

How long have you been in the music industry? 
20+ years

What is the Artists & Fleas Market vibe? The vibe is really COOL and authentic; the perfect combination between modern art and vintage design.

How did you get your name? It's from a blender brand popular in Spain in the 1970s, suggesting my ability to mix styles together.

When did your passion for music begin? The passion for music is in my family's DNA. I am the second youngest of five brothers and sisters, each with different musical tastes. My older brother worked as a DJ spinning DJ Disco and Dance music in the late 70's at a radio station, my grandmother was a passionate singer of flamenco, my grandfather played the Spanish guitar, my father had a huge collection of rancheras and Mexican music, my mother likes salsa, my other brother listened to punk and reggae, and my two sisters listened to pop and rock. At age 4 I was already taking my brothers' records to the backyard to "spin" for my friends. My poor neighbors can testify to those moments!

How has technology impacted your style and art of DJ'ing? As it happens with all kinds of evolution, we just need to adapt. I love vinyl, but I also like technology and am passionate about science.  Sometimes I play with vinyl and sometimes with Serato (DJ hardware and software); it always depends on the kind of music I have selected.  If I do a more electronic set with remixes and edits I use Serato, and if I am planning to spin more old school sounds, I play vinyl. Vinyl is "organic" music and "digital" is GMO, but it doesn't need to be bad. Everything has its time.

What defines your DJ'ing style? Latin soul, boogaloo and other rhythms from the 60's. I also love to play NuFunk, Funky Party Breaks, NuDisco and House. 

What are you most proud of? Since 2011, I've been working to reinvigorate the NYC Latin Boogaloo scene. The "BOOGALOO!" Party at club NUBLU has become a celebratory night dedicated to the 60's Nuyorican musical style. It happens every second Friday of the month, so come check it out.  

Tagline:  "Since 1989 developing original beats unknown to the masses."

From DJ Turmix: