New Right Now in Chelsea: 1/29


Flutter by Katie
Flutter by Katie is back at Chelsea, just in time to bring vibrant color and dreams of spring to the market in these chilly winter days. Katie’s objets d’art featuring gorgeous butterflies are stunning conversation pieces that you’ll want to spend hours staring at. Each handmade sculpture is a piece of nature frozen in time, and a testament to enduring delicacy. Katie’s work is a great way to bring some nature into your home (especially for those who have trouble keeping plants alive).  Whether for gifts or wedding centerpieces, these sculptures are sure to capture everyone’s attention.


Oohlala Petite Boutique
Oohlala Petite Boutique is a Brooklyn based line of all natural beauty products and candles created by Eni Xhori. Each of her candles are 100% soy wax and are housed in unique containers, like hand painted mason jars and antique teacups. Eni’s beauty products use natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, and her soaps are pure eye candy! You will definitely want to come by Chelsea to see and smell them for yourself. They’re perfect for treating yourself, or anyone else you know who could use some pampering.