Regeneration Merchant FAQ

What is Regeneration? Regeneration is Artists & Fleas’ new market dedicated to vintage, thrift and preloved fashion.  It’s a place for the next generation – the “Regeneration generation” –  of creative businesses who are dedicated to the recycling fashion revolution. We are a platform for entrepreneurs with online footprints and personal brands to collectively come together and create  an IRL place to shop, swap, sell & play. Together let’s create a sustainably-minded, inclusive, refined, and – most of all – fun fashion ecosystem.

How can I be a part of Regeneration? Do you collect, curate and sell vintage, thrift, or preloved fashion? Do you share a love of sustainability and conscious consumption? If yes, we can’t wait for you to join us! Apply to sell at Regeneration here!

How much does it cost to sell for one weekend? We offer two packages: The Standard Package which includes a 5 x 10 space only and is $250/weekend. And the All-in-One Package which includes two 6’ rolling racks, a chair, and 30 hangers for $300/weekend. 

How many weekends can I book at a time? All merchants start with a one weekend booking to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties. 

How do I finalize my booking? Fill out this form so we have your information on file and we will send over a link to pay once you’re confirmed and accepted.

How/when do I move my merchandise in? Load-in hours are Thursdays between 10AM – 3PM. We also open up the market to merchants on Saturday mornings at 10AM to do any last minute sprucing needed before the market opens to the public at 11AM.

I’m really loving my time here and want to stay for a while. How can I qualify for a multiple weekend booking? To qualify for a multiple weekend booking (up to four weekends), we ask that you refresh your inventory each weekend with new products (around 25%-50% of your total inventory) to keep things exciting and new for shoppers.

What do you look for in a brand to be eligible to participate at Regeneration? There’s a lot more art than science to how we curate the market each weekend but a few things that we look for when considering applications and requests to renew and return to sell with us include: 1) does your collection have a clear point of view? 2) does your brand have a distinct personality or story? 3) are you active on social media to promote your brand? 

Maintaining a relationship of mutual effort on social media is very important to us as well. Since we often post exciting content showcasing our merchants and the market, we ask that you do the same. We all should contribute a team effort to inspire others as we work together to highlight small local biz.

When it comes to selling that weekend, we always ask for positive vibes and a dedication to keeping Regeneration a fun and inclusive experience for all. 

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, what safety protocols are in place? In accordance with NY State and City guidance, we have a strict requirement that all merchants, employees and shoppers must remain masked at all times and practice social distancing. If you need to take a break to eat, drink, or get some air, we ask that you do this outside of the market in the open air. We also have a doors-open policy to ensure maximum fresh air intake and airflow. Find additional information and details regarding our safety plan and protocols online.

Any tips for success?

  1. Curate a strong selection of preloved goods. Too much product can be overwhelming for shoppers to sift through. We love the motto: “all killer, no filler”.
  2. Know your audience! But don’t be afraid to have fun and try out new styles or promos to highlight your biz.
  3. Be proactive on social! How will your followers/clientele know to come out if you’re not posting about it?
  4. Label and tag your products to make them feel special.
  5. Highlight signature pieces with display elements or lighting.
  6. Group your product into collections and allow individual pieces to shine.
  7. And last, but certainly not least, be yourself! ☺


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