Regeneration Merchant FAQ

What is Regeneration? 

Regeneration is Artists & Fleas’ newest market dedicated to vintage, thrift and preloved fashion. It’s a place for the next generationthe Regeneration generationof creative businesses who are dedicated to the recycling fashion revolution. Regeneration is a place and a platform for entrepreneurs with online footprints and personal brands to collectively come together and create an IRL place to shop, swap, sell and play. Regeneration was designed to be a sustainably-minded, inclusive, refined, andmost of allfun fashion ecosystem.


How can I be a part of Regeneration? 

Do you collect, curate and sell vintage, thrift or preloved fashion? Do you share a love of sustainability and conscious consumption? If yes, we can’t wait for you to join us! Apply to sell at Regeneration here!


How much does it cost to sell for one weekend? 

We offer a 5′ x 10′ space which includes two (2) 42″ x 72″ or two (2) 42″ x 60″ rolling racks and a chair for $300/weekend. Hangers (30 pcs) are available for a $20 refundable deposit, per weekend.


How many weekends can I book at a time? 

Start with a weekend, then take it from there. We encourage everyone to use one weekend to test out the market and ensure it’s a good fit. After that, you can book multiple weekends at once.


How do I finalize my booking?

If you haven’t applied, the first step is to complete this application. Once approved, we will send over a link to book dates and complete your payment.


How much advance notice is required if I want to book a future dates at Regeneration? 

All bookings must be reserved via the bookings site prior to Wednesday’s load in.


How/when do I move my merchandise in? 

Load-in hours are Saturdays between 10 – 11 AM. If you are interested in participating in Thursdays & Fridays at Regeneration (see below for details), you’ll have the opportunity to load in on the preceding Wednesday from 4 – 7 PM.


Is there anything else I should know?

If you’ve sold at Regeneration, you know the power of community. And for that reason, we encourage you to make sure to promote your participation at Regeneration in your bios, social feeds, email signaturesanywhere else you connect with your customers! 


Can I host a shopping event at Regeneration?

Absolutely. Email our team at to coordinate a trunk show, workshop, collection debut or whatever you have in mind. They will help you work out the details.


I’m really loving my time here and want to stay for a while. How can I qualify for a multiple weekend booking?

To qualify for a multiple weekend booking (up to four weekends), we ask that you refresh your inventory each weekend with new products (around 25%-50% of your total inventory) to keep things exciting and new for shoppers.


What do you look for in a brand to be eligible to participate at Regeneration?

There’s a lot more art than science to how we curate the market each weekend, but a few things that we look for when considering applications include: 

  1. Does your collection have a clear point of view? 
  2. Does your brand have a distinct personality or story? 
  3. Are you active on social media to promote your brand? 

Maintaining active social media accounts is very important to us as well. Since we often post exciting content showcasing our merchants and the market, we ask that you do the same. 

When it comes to selling that weekend, we always ask for positive vibes and a dedication to keeping Regeneration a fun and inclusive experience for all.


How do you define vintage and upcycling at Regeneration?

Vintage: Quality, previously-loved fashion from at least 10 years ago.
We look for vintage sellers who curate stylish wardrobes and accessories from decades past, including Y2K styles, hip 70’s patterns and classic mid-century pieces. 

Upcycle: The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a new life.
We love when merchants take old, unwanted items and make them desirable. This takes on various forms, from designing clothing made from deadstock fabrics to repurposing an old shirt into something more fabulous. 

Thrift: Well-made, previously-loved fashion from the last 10 years.
Similar to vintage, but a bit newer. 


Any tips for success?

Here are a few tips to make the weekend great:

  • Curate a strong selection of preloved goods. Too much product can be overwhelming for shoppers to sift through. We love the motto: “all killer, no filler”.
  • Know your audience! But don’t be afraid to have fun and try out new styles or promos to highlight your brand.
  • Be proactive on social! How will your followers/clientele know to come out if you’re not posting about it?
  • Label and tag your products to make them feel special.
  • Highlight signature pieces with display elements or lighting.
  • Group your product into collections and allow individual pieces to shine.
  • And last, but certainly not least, be yourself! 


Starting Spring 2022, Regeneration opens for Thursdays & Fridays.

What are Thursdays & Fridays at Regeneration about? 

Thursdays & Fridays are an opportunity to get a head start on your selling weekend without much extra commitment on your end. A dedicated Regeneration sales and hospitality hosts will sell your collections. There’s no need to be onsite or staff your shop. Simply make sure each item is tagged and priced and your booth is merchandised as you see fit.


What’s the cost for participating in Thursdays & Fridays at Regeneration? 

There is no additional upfront fee for selling on Thursdays & Fridays. Instead, there’s a 35% commission on all sales with merchants receiving 65% of sales paid out weekly on the following Wednesday. The weekend market will remain as-is on Saturdays & Sundays with booths staffed individually. The weekend rate is $300/weekend and includes two racks and a chair.


How will Regeneration staff know which merchandise is mine? 

All merchandise must be tagged with your brand name, the price of the item and anything else you think would be relevant to the sale (ex: “1990s Marc Jacobs”).


Do I have to participate Thursday & Friday if I only want to sell during the weekend? 

Thursdays & Fridays at Regeneration are completely optional! You can sell only on the weekends. However, if you’re looking to book multiple weekends but do NOT want to participate in Thursdays and Fridays, you will have to load out at the end of the weekend and load back in the following Saturday morning during load-in hours. There is no on-site storage for merchandise or display items during the week.


Can I sell my own merchandise myself or provide my own sales staff on Thursday & Friday instead of utilizing Regeneration’s staff 

Regeneration’s sales staff will be making all sales and processing all payments on Thursdays & Fridays to help provide a consistent experience. You or your staff are more than welcome to merchandise your booth on these days as long as it’s not disruptive to customers. That said, we recommend that restocking and re-organizing is conducted and completed during Wednesday’s load-in hours.


What happens if I sell an item online while it’s at Regeneration?

We ask that any items in Regeneration on Thursday & Friday shopping days only be available for sale at Regeneration.


How do I know my merchandise is safe without me there? 

Our trained staff will keep a sharp eye out for shoplifters and we have cameras onsite. Electronic security tags are available for all merchants and are highly encouraged. As is always the case in retail environments, there is a risk of product loss and Regeneration is not responsible for lost or stolen products.


What kind of sales reporting will be available?

Regeneration will provide a sales report of items sold on Thursday & Friday by the following Wednesday, along with the payout from sales made the previous week.


Will the Williamsburg Artists & Fleas side of the market be open Thursday & Friday? 

Only the Regeneration side of the market will be open on these days. The gate between the two sides will be closed.


What is the return policy?

There are NO returns or exchanges on any items sold at Regeneration on Thursday & Friday.


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