Recipe for market Success - top 5 ingredients

1. Shopper Engagement

Every shopper that passes by your booth is a potential customer, and their first impression of your brand is key. Keep your energy positive, and try to engage customers in a welcoming (but not overbearing) way, e.g. don't be engrossed in your Iphone and be present at your booth as much as possible.

2. Community

Your fellow vendors are fantastic resources, so make a point of meeting them. They are all independent business owners just like you and can provide valuable feedback and support. Ask for help from those who have been doing the market for a long time, or offer support to those less experienced than yourself. The more successful each individual vendor is, the more successful the overall market is.

3. Diverse Merchandise

We see a wide variety of shoppers come through the market, so we often find that the most successful vendors offer a broad range of products to appeal to this diverse audience. This might include varied price points, multiple color/size offerings, or a diversified product line that targets different types of shoppers, instead of one niche market.

4. Display

Display is key. There's a lot to see at the market, so in order to catch shoppers' attention, your booth needs to really pop. Keep it clean and organized, with your merchandise as the main focus, but don't be afraid to experiment with levels, objects, colors, and out-of-the-ordinary display techniques. We've seen everything from antlers and skulls to sand and seashells used to display products.

5. Social Media & Email

There are a variety of ways to engage with a customer after (or before) they've visited your booth. Encourage them to follow you on social media and/or have an email list prominently displayed in your space. Then, make sure to share new, exciting, and relevant content with your followers on a regular basis. Always remember to tag market-related posts with @/# ArtistsandFleas so that the entire market audience can hear your news as well.